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About ParkTickets.com

How can I contact Park Tickets?

Online using the form found here.

By email to tickets@park-tickets.com.

Please note all prices and offers are correct on our website, we do not offer further discounts. The only tickets we do are the ones listed. Shipping options and times are also correct on our web site.

From UK on 01527 889511

Where is your company based?
We have offices in Celebration (Florida), Worcestershire and Shropshire (UK). Collections are only available through the USA offices.
Is it safe to book over the internet?

Yes - it is as safe as making a telephone booking.

All orders are made using our secure server, which means all data between your web browser and our server is totally encrypted using industry standard SSL encryption technology, meaning no-one will be able to de-cipher it.

For security reasons we do not accept card details over the phone.

Where is your office located?
Our US offices are situated just 5 minutes from Disney, just off the 192 in Disney'sTown of Celebration. We send out full directions and map when your order is processed. Office hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm Mon-Sat and 8.00am to Noon on Sundays. Closed on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Our UK offices are in Bromsgrove and Shropshire. They are not open for walk in ticket sales or collection.
How can we find out more about your company?

We run a large, well known forum www.orlando-guide.info/forums/  which has several thousand members. Many of these members, which include Florida villa owners and Florida vacationers, use our services on a very regular basis.

We know they will give us glowing reports, and answer any questions about our quality of service. You are welcome to view the Park Tickets section of the forum, and we will not be offended if you post questions about us on the forum, as we understand that you must feel totally happy about the company you book through.

Why do you charge in Dollars?
The Disney tickets we sell can only be charged in Dollars and are not widely available to the UK. They are the same tickets you can buy at the gate but discounted.

Question not answered?

If you have a question that is not answered here, simply email us with the details and we'll get right back to you.