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It may be obvious but there are lot things you can and can not take or do in Florida. First of all we all now know the restrictions for security of things you can not take onto the aeroplane but not every one is aware of the restrictions that you can not take into the USA. For example some foods. Any dairy produce, meats or vegetables are strictly banned from being taken into the USA. You would probably be all right taking a bar of chocolate or an opened packet of biscuits but not an apple or the pack of cheese left over from your lunch, even if you have not unwrapped it.

When you arrive, do not try to line up for the next available customs window behind the person in front, you will be made to go back behind the line. Do make sure you have filled out the customs form absolutely spot on, as any slight mistake and they will make you go to the back of the queue and start with a new form.

When you collect your hire car, remember to keep your drivers licence on you or in the car at all times. It is an offence to drive without having your drivers licence with you. When driving, when you come across a stop sign, you MUST come to a complete stop, even if you are the only car on the road. At a crossroad you may find all three other lanes have cars stopped at them. The rule is, the first person who arrived at the cross roads has priority. Do not be surprised if cars overtake you on both sides as undertaking is allowed, however if you are going quite slowly, try and keep to the inside (right) lane.

When entering a restaurant, always wait to be seated and do not just find a seat for your self, you will be asked to move, as they have a strict rotation of waiting staff getting an equal share of customers. When asking for the check at the end of your meal, if you offer a credit card they will take it away to process it. If you are really uncomfortable with this then you may be happier paying by cash of travellers cheque. You can use travellers cheques as you would currency, you do not have to go to a bank to change it into dollars.

I hope these few tips will make your holiday just a little bit easier and wont catch you out now knowing the rules.

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