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Fireworks and special eefects at Universal:new!
I am now of any age (sad, but true) when I can just remember what is now called The Golden Age of Hollywood. I cannot remember all of the 100 years that this new show is celebrating, but getting closer! ! The stars were really big stars the...
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Universal Studios is situated around 25 minutes north of the vacation villas in Kissimmee and Championsgate. Getting to Universal could not be easier, follow the Interstate 4 north to junction 74 and then follow the signs for Universal Studios. Viewed 4277 times since 28 June 2012.

E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios
The E. T. Adventure has always been one of my favourite rides in Universal Studios in Florida. The very first time we visited it with our young children was back in the early 90’s. The ride is located in Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. It may not be the ...
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Shrek 4D at Universal Studios
I have been on all the 3-D rides in Walt Disney World and thoroughly enjoy them and so was intrigued by the thought of a 4-D ride and couldn’t wait to try it out on our next visit to Universal Studios. Also, an added bonus was that I just love the Sh...
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Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket
Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket – Universal Studios The waiting time for Rockit coaster was sixty minutes. That was the first excuse not to ride that a few of our party used! A couple of those remaining chickened out when they saw the vertical d...
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Spider Man Ride at Universal Islands of Adventure
Spider Man Ride at Universal Islands of Adventure Up until very recently the Universal Spider Man ride was the most popular ride in the Islands of Adventure Park at Universal Studios until the new Harry Potter area was opened I would say t...
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Starting my walk though the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
As you walk under a cement archway, you can see a small village with buildings nearly identical to one another. Pointy roofs, snow on top - obviously not real snow as the Florida heat would melt it - and clever stone work. These are the shops and res...
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The beginnings of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Making your way through the different zones of Island of Adventure, you will notice a magnificent castle known as Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. It is based on top of a mountain so it’s not hard to miss! It’s quite unbelievable that a g...
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A Visit To Islands of Adventure
Having spent nearly a full day exploring the Harry Potter area of Islands of Adventure, we had a little time left to look at the rest of the park. To be honest you do need more than one day to see and experience everything this park has to offer. Viewed 4638 times since 9 December 2010.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – (part 2) The Village
After our Hippogriff ride, we double checked the queue for The Forbidden Journey and decided to abandon the thought of sampling the ride that morning, as the queue size had trebled and the ride had still not opened. This was a real disappointment, bu...
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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Roller Coasters
We have annual passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, so we were delighted that our Florida trip gave us the opportunity of sampling the newly-opened section of the park - the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We had heard that the park...
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Harry Potter World at Universal Islands of Adventure from an Unbelievers Point of View
Harry Potter World at Universal from an Unbelievers Point of view. They drove me mad, the kids, my wife, my oldest sons girlfriend, I have never been a subscriber or fan of the Harry Potter thing and I really wasn’t interested in visiting the...
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Mardi Gras at Universal 2010
Mardi Gras, or ‘Fat Tuesday’ as it is sometimes called, is the day before the season of Lent begins, and this is the last day of ‘Carnival’ which starts on ‘King’s Day, ’ January 6th. The festival itself dates back 5, 000 years but it was not until t...
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Dr Seuss High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride
When we first visited Universal Studios in Orlando some years ago, we always used to wonder what the colourful elevated track was above Seuss Landing, so we were delighted when, after a seven year wait, the’ High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride’ ...
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Annual Events at Universal Studios/Citywalk/IOA
Universal opened in 1990 and is a real working motion picture studio with a fantastic array of rides, shows, movie sets and attractions from your favourite movies. Not everyone is aware that in addition to this Universal/Islands of Adventure/Citywalk...
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Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal studios
This is a real treat for fans of the Marvel comics and in my view the best part of Islands of Adventure and without doubt the best attraction is “ The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman' The Amazing adventures of Spiderman This is a 3D s...
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Universal Studios My Favourite Attractions
I am often asked what my favourite attractions at Universal Studios are and so I thought I would sit down and put pen to paper and list them A favourite attraction would have to be the Blues Brothers every time we visit the Orlando studios I m...
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Popeye & Bluto’sBilge Barges
I am not normally a great fan of the water rides at the theme parks in the UK as you either get wet and don’t dry out, or the ride is not that good. In Florida you don’t have that problem (the weather is very good) and the water rides are great. My f...
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Universal IOA Part Two
After you have visited “Marvel Super Hero Island” and “Toon Lagoon” you reach “Jurassic Park”, a land filled with dinosaurs and adventure! Here you will find the excellent “Jurassic Park Discovery Centre” which is full of absorbing experiments , game...
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Universal IOA Part One
Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a fantastic theme park made up of “five islands”. When you first enter the park if you head left the first Island you come to is “Marvel Super Hero Island” which is more suitable to older children as the ri...
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