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Orlando for adults without children

This article is a follow up to the articles I wrote ' The Conversion of a Florida Holiday Sceptic ' parts one and two. The article was written by the aforementioned sceptics Sue and Paul and has been submitted for publication with the...
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Special Events in a Calendar Year at Disneyworld

A marathon comes to town at Walt Disney World where runners travel 26. 2 miles through all four Disney Parks. The race starts in Epcot, moving to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios before finishing back in Epcot. For all those that f...
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Halloween in the Parks (mid-September – October)

This year one of our visits coincided with Halloween. Our daughters had never been there at this time and none of us had visited Disney or Universal for their Halloween events so we gave both a go. If you get the chance we can highly recommend this t...
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Why holiday in Orlando?

Why not Spend your next family holiday in Florida' s theme park capital. There are a variety of exciting attractions and fun things to do in Orlando, Florida. An array of world famous theme parks, restaurants, shops and attractions offer hours of fam...
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How to survive the parks

I am often asked by guests if I have any advice on how to go about visiting the parks and getting the best out of them. I am well aware that some of you will have to visit during the school holidays which will always be the busiest time. So here is m...
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Theme Park Tickets – Which Ones?

With the vast array of ticket permutations available for admission into the Orlando theme parks, it is hardly surprising that the first time visitor to Florida can get easily confused if they don’t do their homework. Do you buy individual day...
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