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Seaworld - Part 2
Seamore and Clyde Take Pirate Island This is a good show for all the family. It features two sea lions, a huge walrus and a couple of cheeky otters. They are trying to find hidden treasure and the actors interact with the animals to pu...
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Seaworld - Part 1
Antarctica – The World of the Penguins Antarctica is Seaworld’s newest attraction. You will enter an area surrounded by high cliffs of “ice” and then enter the penguin enclosure itself. The ride to see the penguins is a on either a hig...
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The new Arctic experience at Seaworld
This new Arctic ride is a ' visit the South Pole experience' and is part of a large area which has been made to give the feel of being in a large cold place. As usual, leave strollers outside. There are is a cafe. shop...
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Penguins at Seaworld.
Antartica-Empire of the Penguins is a brand new ride at Seaworld that has literally just opened. Seaworld is often overlooked in favour of it' s bigger and brasher neighbours but a lot of my guests vote it their favourite and I am inclined to agree. ...
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Understated Seaworld
With so many World beating parks to visit, trying to visit all of them can be a challenge in the short time you are in Florida. With most people wanting to visit Disney and Universal, often some other parks can be forgotten or not visited. One of the...
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Arriving at Seaworld
We find Seaworld to be one of the most relaxing Parks to visit everyone seems to be strolling around and apart from the end of the day it never gets mega crowded. We usually buy our tickets before we visit my parents who go regularly tend...
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Review of Aquatica – Seaworld’s water park
Review of Aquatica – Seaworld’s water park Whilst me, my sister, my Nanna and my mum were in Orlando America one of our theme park choices was Aquatica. Aquatica is just around the corner from Sea World. First we parked the car, it cost $1...
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A new feature at Discovery Cove.
The long anticipated Freshwater Oasis has opened at Discovery Cove. This was promised for spring 2012 and just sneaked into a june opening as it premiered on the last day of that month. But first, a little about Discovery Cove. Viewed 3969 times since 5 July 2012.

MANTA - Seaworld, Orlando
MAMTA first opened in 2009 at Seaworld, Orlando to accompany KRACKEN as their flagship rollercoaster. Wanting to design something different the ride is based on a flying Manta Ray that faces the riders horizontal unlike the conventional rollercoaster...
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Eating Options at Seaworld
You really are spoilt for choice for eating options when you visit Seaworld. When the girls were younger we treated them to Dine with Shamu on the last day of our holiday. We did not tell them we were going until they got to the entrance gates. Viewed 5366 times since 3 February 2011.

Christmas Market at Seaworld
About a week before Christmas we visited Seaworld on the last afternoon of our holiday. We had previously bought a one day pass and this was a free second day entry. It was a weekend night and before we went I had checked the opening hours on line ex...
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Pets Ahoy at SeaWorld
If you thought that the only animal shows you would be watching at SeaWorld were all involving water and whales, dolphin and sharks you would be very much mistaken. Tucked away in the middle of the park is a very different kind of show with performan...
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Manta - SeaWorld
Another hot spring day as we approach Sea World probably our favorite theme park in Orlando. Through the picturesque entrance we make our way through the busy turnstiles and head towards the attractions. Looming large and impressive is a mass...
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New Ride at Aquatica for 2010
We visited Aquatica for the first time in August, 2009, and we were very impressed with this, the latest water park in Orlando. Smaller than either of the two Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, it is beautifully landscaped and has ...
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Kracken - Sea World
Kraken takes its name from a mythical sea creature and Seaworld has depicted this in the form of a large multi-coloured monster dragon eel, a distant relation of the moray eel. Next to Krakens viewing area is a cave where you can view incubating embr...
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Shark Deep Dive at SeaWorld – Part II
continued After climbing a flight of stairs and entering the building we were introduced to a photographer who would capture our next few minutes, and to a member of staff who would answer any questions that we had about the creatures w...
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Shark Deep Dive at SeaWorld – Part I
I always look forward to going somewhere or doing something new each time we visit Florida. Our last holiday was no exception and in fact I was probably looking forward to it more than at any time. The reason; I had celebrated my 60th birthday only a...
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Sea World - Dine with Shamu
Dine with Shamu is a delicious buffet dinner at Shamu’s training pool and you get to be up close to Shamu and his friends and their trainers! We have been twice and both occasions saw different presentations. ...
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