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Flat Island Preserve.

If you enjoy walking during your holiday and especially if you enjoy walking in the Old Floridan areas then this article will be right up your street! One area I would like to recommend to you is Flat Island Preserve (The Daubermile Trail...
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Melbourne for the Day

If you take an hour’s drive along the 192 to the Space Coast you will arrive at Melbourne. As this is probably the nearest beach area to Orlando visitors often drive here for a day at the beach but there is more to do in Melbourne than sunbathe. Viewed 5882 times.

Florida Firearms Experience

Want to spend a day away from the parks and still do something with an American feel then the Florida Firearms experience could be what you are looking for. The range is situated South of I4 and West of US27 but good directions are given. If ...
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Historic Bok Sanctuary Gardens

Historic Bok Sanctuary located just off US27 at Lake Wales is well worth a visit at any time of year. There are a number of separate areas of interest here, not least the Carillon Bell Tower and the Pinewood Estate but for the purpose of this article...
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Historic Bok Sanctuary – The Singing Tower

Arguably the most prominent feature of the Historic Bok Sanctuary is the bell tower, which sits on the highest point in Florida, at the top of Iron Mountain near Lake Wales and can be seen for many miles around. The tower was commissioned and...
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Gatorland in 100 degrees fahrenheit

For years, infact ever since we have owned our villa, we said that we would go to visit Gatorland, mainly because our youngest wanted to, and then he didn’t, and then he did, anyway, this time we didn’t give him the choice, we told him, and his b...
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Kayaking and Planetarium

Guided Kayak Tour Cocoa Beach is around an hour away from your lovely Orlando vacation rental home and perfect for a day away from the mouse. A great way to spend a morning (or afternoon) is a guided kayak tour...
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Fantasy of Flight Day Trip

The attraction called Fantasy of Flight is just what it says and a dream outing for all those interested in flying. This museum is the brain child of the exotically named Kermit Weeks and he claims he has the largest collection of vintage air...
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Houston We’ve Had a Problem – Apollo 13 Encounters April 2010

It hardly seems possible that 40 years ago the Apollo 13 mission set off on its doomed attempt to land on the moon. It was on April 11th 1970 that Apollo 13 launched with Jim Lovell in command, and Jack Swigert and Fred Haise as command module pilot,...
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The Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center has to be one of the most famous places in the world and to be so close and not pay it a visit would be criminal! It is only about one to one and a half hours drive away from Orlando so can be a fascinating day trip. It m...
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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is one of Florida’s most popular east coast beaches and spans approximately 23 miles along the eastern coast of Florida. It is simply a must if you want to experience a totally different style beach from those you may have experienced. ...
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Should you wish for something completely different to Mickey Mouse, Water Parks or the beach, then Bok Tower Sanctuary is the place to go. It is approximately an hour and a quarter from Kissimmee, heading along the 192 due west and then going south o...
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