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If you are after an alternative day out from the hustle and bustle of the Disney and Universal Parks, there are other options. Most people who visit Florida have heard of their Alligators and there are plenty of places to see them. You can go to Gatorland, which is a dedicated park that houses many different species. If you want to get up close and personal with them in the wild, why not visit the famous Boggy Creek with their Air Boat rides.

Located near Orlando International Airport around 30 minutes from the main vacation rental areas, you are within easy distance of the Creak. Being a natural conservation area, Boggy Creek is not built up and does not have the razzamatazz of Disney, but you are not here to see the Rollercoaster and shows.

There are a few ways to see the Alligators, most being by Air Boat rides. There are a few companies offering these trips and all are about the same price, which makes it a lot easier. The Air boats can sit between 6 – 10 people (depending on the size). You can normally hire the boats on an individual basis (being more expensive) or as a group with others (a lot cheaper).

We went on the cheaper option and were grouped with other guests. Wait time was around 30 minutes (in May), so not too bad. There are some small shops nearby to visit while you wait. When onboard, you are greeted by the boat ranger, where you are given a quick safety briefing. Once the formalities are out of the way you are then whisked away to dedicated areas where the Alligators live. We visited around 10 locations in all, being lucky in 3 of them. You are told that depending on the time of the day and time of year, you will see different numbers, which can make it pot luck how many you actually see. I didn’t think 3 locations were all that bad out of the 10 we visited.

For those that love speed, they will more than likely enjoy the Air Boat ride more than the actual Alligators, I certainly loved the wind in my hair and the feeling of driving right through the long grass. If you don’t like having bugs all over you, this trip might not suit as when you get back you are covered in them! ! ! !

For me Boggy Creek is a good half-day alternative to fill out time. It is not too expensive and does cater for old and young, which makes it a great day out for the family. If going make sure the time of day and season is right and you should see plenty of Alligators. All in all well worth a trip out.

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