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We tend to go to Dinoland at cooler times of day because the girls love to play in the Boneyard and it does get very hot during the middle of the day. Whatever time of day you go be sure to take some water with you.

If you head to the right, after entering Discovery Island, you cross a bridge and over you will be a 50-foot-tall Brontosaurus. You will have gone back in time over 65 million years to a time when prehistoric dinosaurs wandered the Earth.

In Dinoland you will find everything about dinosaurs, some real, some make-believe and the attractions range from the tacky souvenir shop run by Chester and Hester to the serious students and professors that are in the Dino Institute!

The Boneyard is an interactive playground for children where they are quite happy to spend well over an hour and often have to be coaxed away. It can be found on your left as you cross under the 50-foot-tall brachiosaurus when you enter DinoLand. It is designed for children who are 4 years and older. Smallish adults may be able to move around in the tunnels and slides, but the areas are really made for children. The flooring is a spongy mat-like material to prevent bad bumps.

Once inside the Boneyard it is worth going to the upper level and cross over the Dinosaur bridge, which goes across the entrance to DinoLand. On the far side is a great shaded "archaeological dig" complete with large fans and fun music. You can relax on the rocks while the kids dig up bones in the large dig site.

The bones of Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and others from the dinosaur age can also be seen in the Boneyard.

The only shop in Dinoland is also in the Boneyard. Chester and Hester's Dinosaur Treasures, is themed to be a roadside tacky souvenir store. You can find logo merchandise for the Dinosaur attraction, lots of plastic dinosaurs as well as the usual t-shirts, key rings, buttons, and postcards. However before you buy a dinosaur make sure it will fit in your suitcase!

Visit the Dino Institute, which was created to uncover the mysteries of the past and is staffed by students and scientists. This is also where you will find the thrill ride Dinosaur. We personally have not been on this ride but friends of ours thoroughly enjoy it. Apparently you will race through a meteor shower and come face to face with some rather large dinosaurs!

We went to see the new musical Finding Nemo soon after it opened and we were very impressed. It is located in the Theatre in the Wild that seats nearly 1500 so most people get to see it although the queues are very long.

The show is all puppetry, but you can see the humans. There are about 20 performers in the show all in very bright costumes that match their puppets.

The music is great and includes Big Blue World, which you may find yourself humming for the rest of the day! All ages seemed to enjoy this show from the very young to the very old.

A final recommendation – if you want to treat your children to a character meal try Donald's Breakfastosaurus where Donald is joined by his pals Mickey, Goofy and Pluto. It provides a great start to your day and the park is still relatively quite when you have finished your meal.

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