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I would recommend not missing this safari ride. We have ridden several times now, and always enjoy the experience, which is different every time.

On walking through the queue area you find yourself in the Harambe Reserve where overhead TVs explain that poaching has killed many animals.

Soon you arrive at the boarding platform, enter your truck and head into the animal reserve. The truck seats about 30 and is open sided so there are plenty of chances to get photographs of all the animals you can see. Your driver and guide starts up and you and your truck head off down the bumpy and sometimes wet dirt trail and into Africa! It' s time to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari! It is quite a bumpy ride so if you are pregnant or have back or neck problems then it’s advisable not to travel.

You won' t see any visible walls or fences in the savannahs…. . it really does feel like you are on a real safari and the animals are wandering around free. Disney has done a good job of hiding all the barriers and fences that keep you and the animals safe. The scenery at the 100 acre savannah is breathtaking and you really feel that you really are in the African forest and savannahs and not in Florida. When building the savannah, landscapers asked that the plants and trees be in place for 2 years before moving in the animals. Look out for the baobob tree, it looks so real! All the animals look healthy, happy and well cared for.

Look out for all the animals and see how many you can spot, some you pass by really close, such as the Black Rhinoceros, Bongo, African Lion, Cheetahs, Ostrich, Zebras, Warthog and White Rhinoceros, and you have to keep a look out for 2 special elephants, big red and little red which you have to protect from the poachers! On part of the safari the animals such as the antelopes and impala are free roaming and can come right up close to the truck, it makes for a great photo!

To see other animals and birds you have to look a little harder, and every time we ride the safari we see animals that we missed on previous trips! We find its best to use the fast pass during busy times to cut down on the waiting time as it is unsurprisingly quite a popular ride.

Another experience not to be missed!

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