Perhaps the Best Shows in Universal Islands of Adventure

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Perhaps the Best Shows in Universal Islands of Adventure

Someone asked me the other day if you had to choose very best ride in universal islands of adventure what would it be, hmmmm I thought not as easy as you might think to choose a favourite.

Firstly I will say I have not chosen any of the Harry potter rides or shows because on my last visit they had only just finished them and the queues were so very long indeed you had to take a ticket and queue just to be allowed in to Harry Potter land.

Poseidon’s Fury has to be up there with them for sure, it is a must see show although it’s quite old fashioned it’s a definite must see especially when you have to travel through a curtain of water that is transformed into a tunnel of water it’s a great show and the children love it.

Close by Poseidon’s fury is the eighth voyage of Sinbad stunt show, this is one not to be missed and both the adults and the children will both enjoy this show, it’s done with acrobatics and lots of humour along with some explosions and yep you guessed it water, you may get wet, just check the floor before you sit down, if its wet then you may get splashed!

Jurassic Park River Adventure is another really great ride although I have only been on it a few times as the wife is scared of the drop at the ends it is a hugely entertaining water raft ride much better than the old fashioned log flumes and the big drop at the end is great!

Popeye and Bluto’s bilge Rat Barges comes a pretty close second favourite, this water ride is truly awesome and really good fun as long as you don’t mind getting wet, best way to enjoy is to go in a pair of bathing shorts and t shirt because you will definitely get wet, but this is a bonus on a really hot summer day.

As there always one of your party not wanting to ride the Bilge Rat Barges get them to look after your spare dry shorts and tee shirts for you to change into once your soaked and don’t forget give them your camera, phones and iPods etc. we don’t want them getting wet do we!

The best ride in Islands of adventure (well for me) it has to be the amazing adventures of Spiderman, I love this ride and at the time it was technologically ground breaking 3D ride, you will get thrown around a little or maybe a lot in the news rover vehicle that you ride in throughout the ride but it’s a definite must do ride, you need to wear 3D glasses to make this ride come to life!

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