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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Review

It' s the talk of the town, well Islands of Adventure to be precise. For any Harry Potter fan, this is definitely a must see. From the moment you walk up to Hogsmead, you are transformed In to the magical world of JK Rowling. They have not spared any detail, from the cobble streets to the twisted and leaning houses and shops of Diagon Alley. You can imagine the story unfolding as you walk along the streets, surrounded by shops like Olivanders, the wand shop where Harry Potter buys his first Magic Wand. They even have Hogwarts Express Steam Engine with the Platform Guard waiting to wave you off on your magical journey in to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The place would not be the same without the gift shops, where you can buy a chocolate frog just like Ron Weasley, or the magic Jelly Beans that Harry Potter had. Watch out though, you don' t want to be walking around with a spotty face, or looking like a frog!

Our twin boys are massive fans of Harry Potter and just had to have their very own magic wand. Josh got Harry' s wand and Jake got Valdermort' s wand. They are so realistic, I need to make sure I don' t get in their way!

On to the biggest attraction in the park, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

If you intend to ride in this attraction, I would get there early or expect to wait quite some time at the moment. On our first visit we arrived just after the park opened and it had a 25 minute wait, by the time we had been on the ride and came out, the queue was 75 mins.

On the walk through the castle, you can take in the sights of the castle with the talking pictures in the galleries and hallways and also encounter the Sorting Hat. In the great hall, you also see Harry Potter and friends plotting and using the invisibility cloak! That is definitely going on my Christmas list as a must have.

The carriages that you ride on start sidewards. Which is quite a strange sensation but when it begins then it all starts to make sense. You fly up in to the air, flying with Harry Potter through Hogwarts castle, through the middle of a Quiditch game and also chased by Dementors and giant Spiders. There' s also a fire breathing dragon that engulfs you in fire and smoke. Well not actual flames, they wouldn' t want to toast you!

When you exit the ride, you exit through a gift shop where they stock all the clothes and goods for each of the houses in Hogwarts. Which one will you be?

Just one last thing, try the Butter Beer or the Pumpkin Juice!

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