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When is the best time to book park and attraction tickets? Well there are many ways to do this but some of them are more fraught with danger than others.

When I first travelled to Orlando back in 1994 there was a lot of small kiosk building scattered along the 192 in Kissimmee and along International drive. Most of these advertised discounted tickets almost half the price of the ones advertised in the holiday brochures and at the gate. At first I must admit I was very tempted to book some as they seemed too good to be true. But like many things in life when a discount is too good to be true it normally is. We ended up leaving it as few days and booked via our rep in the hotel, it was only there that they told us to stay well clear of these booths as they are tempting you to sit through a timeshare presentation. These were subsidised tickets paid for by the timeshare companies.

It was only then that we really understood why these places could offer such cheap tickets. Ever since then we have always shopped around for the best price GENUINE tickets.

There are other places that can give you discounts on park tickets, these are located on sites like this one and can save money because they have great buying power with the park companies. Buying tickets via this site is now my first choice as they can arrange easy pick up when you arrive. Generally buying from an internet site can save you a few dollars per park.

The next way to buy tickets is at the gate of the park. Again this is not recommended as they are the most expensive. You pay for the privelage to buy them at the gate and recently we ended up paying $15 per ticket extra over the internet for a 1 day pass to Universal. Times this by 4 children and it pays for your meals for the day! I would only buy from the gate if I was unable to buy over the internet.

The final way is via larger stores that advertise tickets. These do sell tickets at reduced rates on the park gates, but do not come close to the internet for savings. Again some of these can take you down the lines of timeshare, but if they are just walk away and find one that does not. I managed to find many down the 192 in Kissimmee.

I now always advise guests staying at our villa to buy park tickets via the site above as they are the cheapest we have been able to find on the internet. And as they either deliver or arrange pick up at when you arrive all the hard work is done by them. Great stuff!

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