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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios is 199 feet tall. The designers originally wanted it to be 200 feet tall, but at that height it would have had to have a red flashing aircraft warning light, to comply with FAA regulations, on the top and they felt it would be out of keeping with a building that was supposed to be from the 1930s.

It is the third tallest attraction at Walt Disney World Resort. Spaceship Earth (Epcot) is the tallest and Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) is second tallest.

When the Tower of Terror was being constructed it was struck by lightning.

The elevators were designed with the help of a major elevator manufacturer.

The elevators are actually pulled downwards at a speed which is faster than the acceleration of gravity (9.8 metres per second).

The two drop towers are named Echo and Foxtrot, and the four load towers are named (from left to right) Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta.

If the two drop towers were to drop at the same time as Rock n Roller Coaster started it would bring down the Studios power grid.

The top speed of the ride is 39 miles per hour.

In the lobby of the hotel there is an abandoned Mah Jongg game. This is a real game that was played for one hour by two championship players.

The luggage in the lobby is a complete set, made from genuine alligator skin.

In the lobby, by the concierge desk there is a 13-diamond hotel award. In reality, the highest award is five.

Rod Sterling’s signature cigarette has been removed from the pre-show video because of the connection between smoking and Walt Disney’s diagnosis of lung cancer.

The exterior of the Tower of Terror has been designed to match the buildings of the Moroccan pavilion at Epcot, because it can be seen from a certain angle in World Showcase and the Imagineers wanted to make it fit in with the landscape of Morocco.

The Disney Imagineers watched each of the Twilight Zone’s 156 episodes at least twice to be sure that they captured the correct mood of the series, and to ensure that props, guests, settings and the music were all accurate.

The building materials include 1,500 tons of steel, 145,800 cubic feet of concrete and 27,000 roof tiles.

There are several Hidden Mickeys to be found – during the show the little girl is holding a Mickey Mouse doll, in the Fifth Dimension scene on the Foxtrot side the swirling stars form the shape of Mickey before they disappear and there is a Mickey shaped water stain on the boiler house wall. How many more will you spot next time you are in the Twilight Zone?

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