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Earthquake – An extraordinary ride by anyone’s standards. You climb aboard an underground train, you are then subjected to an earthquake of massive proportions’.

The special effects are amazing and you really get the feeling that this thing is actually happening.

Fievel’s Playground – Young children in your family? Then this is the place to be for them to let off steam. A great big play ground for them to run around in, discover new heights of adventure and meet other children from all over the world. See-Saw’s, Ball Pools’, Slides’ and climbing frames are all part of the fun.

A Day in the Park with Barney – Everyone knows this big purple dinosaur, well now you can see him and his pals perform for real. If you have young children that are in to Barney, then you must take them to see him here, this is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye when you see their little faces light up.

ET Adventure – Our boys love this ride, a gentle bike ride through the woods in the search to help ET get home. Ride through the woods, just like in the movie, see if you can spot where ET landed and help him phone home.

Animal Actors on Location – Watch animals perform for the audience, don’t be surprised if you get roped in. Gives an insight into animal training and also their natural ability to perform tricks and stunts.

The Blue’s Brothers – Live singing in the streets of Universal Studios. You’ll just love this show. They make a big entrance as they drive up to the stage. Everyone loves to join in with some of the world’s best love songs.

Twister – You’ve seen the film now witness your very own twister, the special effects are amazing as they re-create a twister in front of your eyes, including a flying cow. The power of mother nature at its worst.

Revenge of the Mummy – This is my favourite ride in this park. This is a high speed roller coaster, not for the faint hearted. If you are a fan of these films, you will love this ride. You’ll sleep with one eye after this! You have been warned!!

Jimmy Neutron – Height restrictions apply for the moving part of this attraction but smaller children can still experience this simulation ride on the stationary seating. Jimmy as we know is a young inventor, and you are going to ride in his latest creation. Fast moving ride with great effects and definitely gives you the giggles!!

Shrek 4-D – Be prepared to be amazed during this 3D film with the added 1D of Ogre Vision. Princess Fiona takes you on an adventure you will want to tell everyone about. It’s a motion simulation ride with a difference. Check it out to see what I mean!!

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