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As you walk along Main Street, U. S. A. , toward Cinderella Castle, the first path on your left will bring you into Adventureland Here you will find an exotic combination of Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Polynesia and the Caribbean.

First you can visit the Jungle Cruise. This attraction usually opens later than the other attractions so check your guide. As this is a Fastpass attraction and queues continue to be long during busy periods you would be wise to obtain a FastPass here, and then walk over to the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride while waiting for your FastPass time slot.

Riders in wheelchair may remain in them at this attraction but will need to wait for the "Bomokandi Bertha" boat.

The cruise takes on a whole different feel when ridden in the evening in the dark -- this is also a less crowded time to take the ride. It has one very dark patch during which you cruise through a cave therefore it may not be advisable for people with a fear of the dark or claustrophobia. In the cave Temple, look for the Hidden Mickey-shaped arrangement of three plates.

You travel on the world's most exotic rivers to see realistic Audio-Animatronic animals and ancient ruins. Be prepared for surprises along the way, including some not so good jokes! The launch also passes by a waterfall and several spraying fountains, so you may just get a little damp on this 9-minute excursion.

Adjacent to the Jungle Cruise is Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats, coin-operated, remote-controlled replicas of the boats sailing on the Jungle Cruise. For a few quarters, you get several minutes of fun trying to navigate your own launch in and around the tiki god statues and spears strewn about a small pond. Watch out for the sudden flames, too!

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is very similar to the Dumbo Ride. It passenger vehicles are configured as Magic Carpets around a Genie lamp. The vehicles are rider-controlled and you can fly your magic carpet up, down or pitch forward or backward. The front control is up and down; the back seat control pitches the carpet forward or backward. Each seat can hold 2 adults and probably a small child, or one child and one adult. Look for the water-spewing camels that "spit"!

Our family’s personal favourite in Fantasyland is Pirates of the Caribbean where you travel back in time to the West Indies of the 1700s, when Spain brought gold from the New World back home and Pirates ruled the waters! Here you wind your way through a cave with the sounds of cannon fire off in the distance. Then you board 15 passenger boats, go down a small drop and find yourself in the midst of the port of a Caribbean city under attack by a pirate frigate.

Around the riverbend, into the town, you find a rowdy group of pirates in search of gold and adventure. Pirates chasing women, women chasing pirates, pirates in jail, and a final scene with drunken pirates surrounded by gold treasure. This ride last nearly ten minutes but we find it is over too quickly.

We have never been but believe from friends that the Swiss Family Treehouse, which is a walk through attraction, is well worth a visit. The make-believe tree recreates the home the shipwrecked family in the movie built for themselves, right down to the organ in the "living room" and the skylight in the parents' bedroom.

Also on our list of “Must Dos” for our next visit is the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management. This is the original indoor musical show, redone to include Iago, Zazu and friends.

Enjoy Adventureland, we always do.

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