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Well had a funny sleep overnight as it seemed to be cold, cold in Florida! We have been over in November and Feb but never in January, so this was a first. Jeff got up early and turned on the heating for a while. We had some breakfast and the day started to heat up quite nicely.

We hit the shops, then got back to the villa for some lunch. It was lovely and warm by now, well warm around 72 degrees just like our summer. Time for a bit of sunbathing around the pool, I had been left a bottle of bubbly and a birthday card in the villa, so this was another first, drinking bubbly on a Sunday afternoon by the pool. After a shower we are off to Appleby' s for some dinner, then an early night as we are still a bit tired after the flight the day before but then getting excited about the cruise tomorrow.

Stayed in bed until around 7. 00 then got up, still very cold in the mornings, so turned the heating on for a while, had some breakfast then decided to pack. Well all set to go, we are leaving from Cape Canaveral another one of my favourite places in Florida, the Space Coast! !

We took the toll roads so its nice and quite, had a nice drive across to Cape Canaveral, it took about an hour. Just followed the signs to the port as it said on our tickets as they have adequate parking which they did, you park up and when you arrive back off the boat and collect your car then pay on the way out. You still have to go through customs, passport control to get on the boat, its all very organised. Then here we are on board, time for a cocktail i thinks! !

There are lots of people milling around checking out where everything is, we found the buffet after about an hour of checking out all the decks and our room where we dropped of our hand luggage, they deliver your suitcase. Then as much food as you like, they seem to have everything, lots of salad, cakes, juice, don' t forget you have dinner at 5. 45 so don' t each to much. The captain called everybody to there muster stations which they have do do before sailing, this means that you know exactly where you should be for your lifeboat. When we have completed this we went to our cabin, which was very small but everything had been thought about, we had a bed, tv, dressing table, wardrobe, safe, bathroom, oh and a window. Time for another shower and dinner! !

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