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Busch Gardens – Roller Coasters

Busch is one of our family’s favourite places to spend the day. Although popular, it is never as crowded as the Disney/Universal Parks. One thing that they excel at is Roller Coasters .

Up until this year, I have had to enjoy the roller coasters on my own, but we found (to my delight and his) that our youngest boy Joshua, aged six, had reached the grand height of 50 inches tall and could now accompany me on a couple of the big roller coasters.

These are the roller coasters we tried together:

This is a huge wooden double coaster. Minimum height to ride is 48 inches. We managed to ride both tracks – the Lion and Tiger and have to say that the Tiger track was my favourite of all the coaster rides. Very fast and big dips which cause you to catch your breath. Apparently there is almost 7,000 feet of track (and we rode all of it!).

This is a big, yellow metal coaster with lots of twists and turns. As the minimum height was 48 inches, Josh could join me on this coaster also. Josh managed to hold his hands in the air going round this ride although I was gripping on for dear life! There is a double spiralling corkscrew section to this ride which Josh adored.

This is a coaster with a limit of 42 inches to ride and is situated in Timbuktu. Both my kids tried this ride and loved it. Once was enough for me. Very fast, with a 360 degree loop and a sharp stop at the end. My two loved this one so much that they kept joining the end of the queue to ride again (there was no queue so they just ran round and got back on again, and again, and again ………. I ‘d had enough after the first time.

Cheetah Chase
This was another ride situated in Timbuktu and another favourite of my two lads. Minimum height 46 inches and minimum age 6. It looks pretty tame from the ground, so I joined the queue (there was one for this ride as it take a while to load and unload the individual carriages). Again my lads loved this one, but it terrified me – the track meanders from side to side, but as the carriages follow the track round the hairpin bends it teeters on the edge of the track and feels as though it will shoot off the curve. Definitely only rode this one once.

This ride and Montu I had to experience on my own, much to the disgust of Josh, who was not yet tall enough as the limit was 54 inches. This was an amazing and smooth ride, starting off with a 135 ft drop and then lots of spiralling 360 degree loops. With lots of willpower I managed not to scream uncontrollably all the way round.

This is a really amazing coaster (again minimum height 54 inches so riding on my own). I somehow managed to join the queue at a very quiet time as got on the front of the coaster without waiting. You actually ride this one under the track, with your feet dangling free below your seats (you do have a harness on, don’t worry!) and is supposed to be one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world. I can well believe it. It was a truly unforgettable ride and I really wanted to go again (the view from the top just before the first drop is awesome) but the kids were getting restless so I reluctantly had to leave this ride after only one go.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this ride had not yet opened when we were there, so this is definitely a coaster that I HAVE to ride on the next trip. This has a 90 degree vertical drop and looks terrifying. Minimum height 54 inches. Apparently the ride last three minutes – lots of time for screaming!

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