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When I went to America one time, one of the most memorable experiences that I ever had the pleasure to do, was Discovery cove.

Discovery cove is a relaxed, tranquil, exotic, paradise. You book your swimming with dolphin encounter in advance so you can give yourself the rest of the day to relax. One of the most memorable things about Discovery cove is the pool where you can swim with a whole range of tropical fish. You can get really close to them and almost touch them. That is if they don’t swim away from you! ! !

Next to this is the stingray pool where you can make new friends with stingrays. There are also feeding time so you can feed the stingrays.

Another memorable place in Discovery cove is the lazy river. Unlike any normal lazy river you have to swim around it instead of sitting in a rubber dingy. But the current that is pushed around the lazy river helps you swim with ease. You barely have to kick to get around it. During the lazy river you come across an aviary. You can get out and feed some exotic birds.

But the most memorable thing about Discovery cove is of course the reason you go there, to swim with dolphins. You get your own personal group depending on your family size. Then you personal dolphin trainer guides you into the dolphin pool and introduces you to your dolphin. Each dolphin has a name making your experience totally unique. I personally know people who have also been and they have all had different dolphins to me.

Your dolphin will perform tricks for you and will pull you on its back. This whole experience is recorded on camera so you can buy a tape of it to keep with you forever. Also there are photos of you kissing the dolphin and getting up-close to it.

You get given complimentary snorkels and goggles to take home with you. There are fantastic shops to but memorabilia from, and exquisite restaurants to eat at.

When you enter the park you get a picture taken of you. This then gets printed onto a pass that allows you to enter the park. I have kept mine as a way of remembering my day at discovery cove. It is certainly a day that, if you got there, you won’t forget in your life. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Harry Casella ( Age 14)

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