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I arrived at the training camp ready to be indoctrinated into the space programme feeling nervous but once I set my eyes on my fellow recruits I knew I had chosen the right profession!

What is she talking about you may say – my first impression of the Mission Space ride at EPCOT.

My fellow astronauts were a mother and her two sons both experienced astronauts taking their mother along on her first flight.

I felt over-awed as we entered our capsule and listened intently to instructions from Space Command not knowing what to expect from my experience apart from the fact that I was now the Navigator of the flight and joined my fellow crew members, all with their different roles from Commander to Engineer working as a team in ensuring that this space flight was successful.

Before I could feel the full force of the experience I found myself flat on my back and looking into space listening to the countdown and - - - - - ‘lift off’. We were catapulted into space and as the G-force was felt by all the crew the urge to shout ’WOW EEEEE’ sprang to mind and the exhilaration was just out of this world.

Once in space we needed to take evasive action to avoid rogue satellites on our journey to Mars and we would succeed even through a meteor storm where we worked as a team to avoid the meteors racing towards us at the speed of light!

I listened intently for my instructions, pressing the buttons when instructed ensuring that the rockets were fired to release us into orbit and then ensure our descent onto Mars.

We were not experienced astronauts and our landing onto Mars was somewhat shaky and, due to the cold climate, we slid along the runway and seemed to be unable to stop its advance. We crashed through the runway barriers and slid along the ice which was breaking up beneath us. We were too heavy and travelling too fast – would we be able to stop??

The ice broke away beneath the hull of our ship only to uncover a large bottomless cavern on whose edge we were teetering …………………...

How/would we survive??

Check out the ride to fill in the ending!!!!

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