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Many people visit Celebration just to look around the shops. Some make a trip to the town to visit one of the many well know restaurants that are on Front Street which is in the town centre and borders on a large lake.

While both activities are well worth doing you can miss out on an interesting but tucked away section of the town that is very interesting.

Most visitors to Celebration enjoy just driving round, looking at the great range and style of homes, villas, and the large stately mansions.

All of the residential properties in Celebration feature pre-1940' s architecture for a look that will stand the test of time. The architectural styles include Classical, Coastal, Victorian, Craftsman, Mediterranean, French and Italian.

There are single family homes, townhouses modelled on Georgian rows seen in many towns throughout the US, also sections of the town are built in village, cottage, garden and bungalow styles. In the main town you also have modern condominiums and studio apartments above garages. Celebration offers many home styles, sizes and prices but the ones that interest a lot of sightseers are the Estate and Manor homes.

Yet there is a lot the casual visitor can miss while driving around and much of it can be seen while enjoying a pleasant stroll. This is the rear view of the homes that are at the top end of the range in an area that is already at the pinnacle of general real estate in the area. There are ante-bellum mansions reminiscent of the old South and a wide range of other styles. The one thing they all have in common is size. It is also interesting to see how people have decided to model their ideal home. While many have a wow factor and are very impressive an equal number make you wonder why they decided to build it at all despite the obvious quality.

So how do you get to see what is normally reserved for the owners and their guests?

There are many walking trails around Celebration and one of the major ones starts near the Celebration Hotel. This trail will take you past many of the most interesting homes. It also offers places to stop for a rest and to watch the many different types of wildlife that frequent the area.

You leave the town centre and take a walk around the main lake. If you want to go the fastest way then walk past the Celebration Hotel and start round the lake in an anti clockwise direction. After short distance you will see a boardwalk that branches off into the trees. This is the way you want to go.

If you plan ahead you can take a coffee or cold drink from the local Starbucks which is at the start of your walk. It’s also worth bringing along some unshelled peanuts if you can find them. Why? Well the local squirrels are very tame and you can put these nuts on the boardwalk railings and stand there while they come down from the trees and eat them in front of you. Mind you they can be quite well fed later in the day and then they don’t hurry down.

At the end of this trail you come to another small lake which you walk around. On the other side of this lake is another pathway through a wooded area. When you emerge from this you are on one side of a long but very thin lake. On the other side is the rear view of some major homes I mentioned above. I have attached some photos to this article so that you can see the type of view that you get.

At the end of this trail by the lake you can reverse your steps but you can also turn right into Crescent Park and this leads on to Eastlawn Drive which is the front view of all the homes you have just walked past. At the end of this road you turn right on Celebration Avenue and this brings you back to the town centre. It sounds a long way but is in fact shorter than the trip around all the countries at EPCOT.

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