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As if transported by a magic flying carpet, the Morocco Pavilion sweeps you away to a far away and exotic land full of exciting new sights and sounds. Disney were actually assisted in the design for the pavilion by the Moroccan government and the result is a beautiful pavilion which is themed like a Moroccan city, with a Minaret towering above it. Throughout this pavilion the detailing is quite immense, there are beautiful rooms filled with tiled mosaics which must have taken an age to complete.

As you wander around the pavilion there are also many North African plants growing, including date palms and olive trees. In one area is the Fez House which is meant to represent a typical Moroccan home, well if this is typical then they must have many grand homes in their country! The home is beautiful, with interconnecting rooms and an open courtyard with gallery above. It is telling that many people when they wander around Epcot don’t actually seem to take the time to explore the pavilions as we have often found the rooms of the Fez House to be a quiet and peaceful oasis of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the park. With the tile lined walls, the whole area feels beautifully cool as well.

As you get to the back of the pavilion there is a meet and greet area specifically for meeting Aladdin and Princess Jasmine often this area is really quite quiet so there is little wait time to get to meet the characters. As the characters here are also not in full costume suits, with headmasks, etc, it also feelm much more ‘real’ and intimate.

At the back of the pavilion is the Restaurant Marrakesh, here you can sample the tastes and aromas of Morocco, but also experience the rhythm and visual spectacle as well. While you are served your meal, which can feature classics like roast lamb tajine and couscous, there are also belly dancers to entertain the guests.

Wandering back out you pass through a series of eclectic shops selling some of the most diverse items throughout the whole park. It really is worth the time exploring these shops for the rich variety of items that they have, especially as this is a quieter pavilion, so you can do so in quite an unhurried manner.

Across from the front of the pavilion is an area for entertainers to perform and also another small shop and here you will find henna tattoo artists, a brilliant way to enjoy a temporary keepsake to remind you of your trip. I also loved the walled garden with the irrigation channels at this area.

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