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When you visit Norway, which is situated, between Mexico and China, you will feel that you have walked right into Scandinavia as you enter the picturesque town square designed to represent the Norwegian towns and cities of Bergen, Oslo, Alesund and Setesdahl.

Norway was added to the World Showcase in 1988 and has a 58, 000 square foot pavilion features a boat ride (the Maelstrom), Restaurant Akershus with all day Princess dining, a pastry shop, an outdoor deli counter, a replica Stave Church as well as shopping.

The Maelstrom is a fun ride, but queues can get quite long. If you do not wish to wait get a Fastpass and return later in the day to ride the Viking ships. Sometimes we just take a gentle stroll around the World whilst we wait at other times we may go and get a snack.

In Maelstrom you will leave present day Norway to journey back in time to the Norway of old aboard dragon-headed 16 passenger boats. You travel to a 10th century Viking Village and enter the shadows of a mythical Norwegian forest populated by trolls. One of the creatures cast a spell on the boat and you suddenly are travelling backwards into the rapids of the Jutenheimen mountain country.

Just as you are about to topple backwards over the waterfall, the boat moves forward to a rocky passageway in the North Sea where you find yourself in an ocean storm. Soon, you enter the calm fishing village where your boat docks. A door will open into the theatre. There is a wide-screen movie that takes you on a tour of Norway and introduces you to its people.

Hidden Mickey - while you are in the Maelstrom, look at the wall mural facing the loading dock, a Viking wearing ears can be seen there.

We all love this ride but there are special effects in the ride that young children might find scary. There are large Trolls that chase you, life size polar bears - stormy lightning and dark places so be prepared if your child may be frightened by these.

You can visit Stave Church, which is a replica of the Gol Stave church found in the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, Norway. Do go in as many people see the Stave Church, but not everyone realizes you can walk inside! When you go inside it you can see the exhibits of Vikings with authentic weapons and other artefacts, as well as figures of important Norwegians: Olaf II, Erik the Red and Rognvald, a Viking raider who invaded and colonized France.

It is lovely and cool inside the church, making it a welcome break from the Florida sun.

Before you leave Norway why not visit Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. They serve great pastries in here. Be sure to try Sweet Pretzels and Rice Cream, a wonderful, rich rice pudding with strawberry topping!

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