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This was a new attraction that none of us had seen before. It was being built on part of the old Backlot Tour the year before when we were over in Florida and we were eager to watch this attraction as it had been heavily advertised.

As with all popular attractions a little planning is needed to make sure that you don’t have to wait for ages to actually get in and so this was one of our first ports of call one morning when we arrived early one morning to Hollywood Studios Disney studios.

There was no hanging around we got the car parked quickly and boarded the train from the car park to the entrance. Arriving just as the park is opening is always a good way to beat the crowds, not that we ever get there early!

We headed quickly through the turn stiles and set off heading straight to the ride, within minutes we were in the queue and shortly after we were being guided into a massive open fronted stadium stand.

After a short introduction the stunts began. As with all things Disney there was a good view from every seat and there was a huge screen to give everyone a good view of the close up action. The attraction works by giving you a insight into car stunts and their filming.

This is exactly what is says in the brochure, high octane movie magic There was engines roaring, tyres squealing and lots of things bursting into flames. After each stunt the director would show you what the cut film would look like using many camera angles to make a great looking action sequence. There are a couple of car chases involving some well coordinated motorcycles and you could see that some of the riders were very very skilled, the action was spectacular and it really was like something in an action film sequence.

One of the more spectacular stunts featured 2 identical cars one which went at very high speed in reverse and even managed a jump over a ramp over some water whilst going in reverse this was really something to see and afterwards the director explained exactly how it was done.

This attraction definitely lived up to its advertisement its is a very fast paced action packed thirty five minute show, its very loud and it really does give you a feel to what it is like to work in an action film.

Make sure you visit this attraction especially if you are a petrol head, and even if not you should make sure you see the show, its one of the best!

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