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This must by now be one of the oldest tours on the Disney Hollywood studios. We have been on this tour many many times but just because its been around for while don’t let this put you off because its definitely well worth the visit.

As this is a popular tour it pays to plan ahead a little and try to choose a time when it’s not so busy either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon when some people are going home around 4-5pm

After a short queue assuming you chose a non busy time to get on the tour you move into the area called the water tank this is where you will see how some of the special effects on some of the big war films at sea are made. As normal with these tours volunteers are sought from the audience, it never amazes me to see how many willing victims there are that want to get soaked but there are good sports and its great fun.

Using some carefully controlled explosives and numerous cameras and 1000s of gallons of water the volunteers act out a scene in a movie and oh yes they DO get wet , afterwards the director runs the film that they have cut together and I have to say it gives you a real insight as to what can be achieved

Next you queue from what can only be described as a prop storage area where there are lots of props that you will remember from many of the big films of old and recent times. This area has special memories, as it where we were chosen to have our”dreams come true” and were given a special fastpass for the day!

This takes you to a train / articulated vehicle. After boarding the vehicle the tour begins in earnest you drive through an area where some of the bigger props are stored such as small aircraft, you also take a tour through the studios at the back where all of the costumes are made for Disney and some for the feature films.

Next you approach Catastrophe Canyon, this is the best part of the tour you enter a canyon as you would expect and stop to take a view, as the tour guide starts to talk you here and feel the rumble around you …. Yes that right its an earthquake folks! ! ! The trains rocks and twists as the ground falls away under you and 1000’s of gallons on water appear as if from nowhere running down the side of the canyon towards you also a massive torrent runs over the top of the train

If this is your first time on this tour you will really like it, next a fuel truck in the canyon gets out of control and slides towards you before it burst into flames! ! ! You can feel the searing heat from this one. After all the action the canyon returns to normal and all the special effects reset and you set off back to the end of the tour, through yet more big props and back lots

This is a tour for all the family and is rightly one of the most popular

Don’t miss it!

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