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Believe it or not we have never been to Old Town Kissimmee before in all our years visiting Florida.

We hadn’t realized how easy it was to get to Old Town from our villa on Southern Dunes. Simply up H27 onto I4 and straight onto H192 next to Old Town.

When we arrived it was quite quiet – 7pm – so we walked around the fairground, mind blown at a couple of the rides, really do not fancy flying like a bird over everyone’s head from a very great height. Some do though as there was a queue for this ride. The fair has something for all ages from the tots to the very daring adults.

We then went to walk round the shops and restaurants. There is a wide range of different eateries from Kahuna Nui for your burgers and fries to Kool Katz Grill & Pub for the full family meal.

Couldn’t believe the amount of unique shops in the Old Town, from shoe shops, jewellery shops, tattoo parlours to Black Market Minerals which has some fabulous wind chimes along with jewellery and minerals.

All the while the cars were arriving for the classic car cruise – it was a Saturday night. Around 8pm the band struck up, great 60s and 70s music so just up our street. I believe there is a different one every week. The previous night had been a bit chilly (well it is December) so had worn my long trousers and a coat – mistake I was far to warm and had to return to the car to get rid of the coat. Parking is free and there does seem to be loads of it so not very far to walk at all.

We walked around the parked classics and were amazed at them. The hours of work, not forgetting the money spent on them was inspiring. Some of the paint jobs were amazing and must have taken hours to do. All the cars are pre 1975 but they are immaculate. After a coffee outside one of the many bars the parade began at 8. 30pm, cars do start arriving from 1pm onwards though. As it wasn’t too busy we had an excellent view from the road side of the cruise. There were over 300 cars of all makes and sizes including a Rolls Royce. Have to say it was noisy and the exhaust fumes did smell a bit, but hey we loved it! !

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