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We then wandered back down Sunset Boulevard and as we did outside the cinema we encountered a noisy crew making a film in the street. We joined the crowd which was gathering and spent about ten minutes laughing at the crew’s antics.

Farther down the road there were two street entertainers who just pulled up in their little car and jumped out to entertain the visitors, we were careful not to get too close because they were continually pulling reluctant volunteers from the audience!

To plan the rest of our day we then went to the Times and Waiting Times board which is located near the Park entrance by Sunset Boulevard. These boards are in valuable way to plan your day as they give the show times, the current wait times for rides as well as tips on the best time to visit the various attractions.

We noticed that the Backlot Tour wait was quite short so we went straight over there and were fortunate to get in after a short ten minute wait. However if you do have to wait there are overhead televisions to keep you entertained as well as fans spraying cold water to keep you cool. The cast members were looking for volunteers from the queue but as we had done this tour before we did not volunteer!

You go straight in onto a ramp with a film set in front of you where there is make believe sea and a ship and very large water tanks. We usually stand near the back as it is not unknown for the audience to get a little wet. The idea is that you can see how storms at sea are made and also witness a battle at sea. When you go in you see the volunteers being fitted out in “wet” gear. Two of them are then put onto the ship on a nice calm day with another volunteer in a separate part steering the ship.

Soon a storm comes along and that the poor volunteer steering the ship is going to get very wet! Then aircraft can be heard and the two volunteers on the deck start running around looking to see where the danger is and really not doing anything very well as they are in a state of panic. Soon there is an explosion in the water beside the ship followed by several more. It really gives you an incite into how these battles are filmed.

More in Part 3.

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