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This tour is somewhat tucked away at the back of Hollywood Studios and as a result often gets missed by many people including ourselves but if you have spent most of the day walking around Hollywood Studios riding the popular rides this can make a really nice change.

We like to spend a few hours riding on the popular rides, tours and shows such as Indian Jones, Star Wars, the Backlot tours and Lights Motors Action, but as the heat rises and excitements starts to tire you, its time to look for a more relaxing and more importantly air conditioned attraction that you can let the kids calm and cool down.

A good choice would be one of the less popular attractions such as The Magic of Disney Animation. There is very seldom a queue for this attraction probably because it not a ride it’s more of an instructional talk and demonstration. Don’t let this put you off because its quite educational and the kids do get involved in this although if you have very young children then this might not be all that interesting to them, but its fascinating for anyone with an Arty streak or anyone interested in how the animation films are created in particular the characters.

After queuing for a short while you enter an animators office, on our first trip quite a few years ago all of the animated films were created by artists, obviously as time has gone on the use of the computer in the animation has become more widespread but despite this the animators job is till important

The animator explains what their job entails and gives a nice talk about the history of animation at Disney and the transition to modern day films such as Monsters Inc and gives details of how they used the computor to create such very complex animation sequences. The animator involves the kids by talking about specific characters and how they we created and developed, giving an insight into how important the animators jobs still is because all of the characters start of as drawings from the many artists that Disney employs.

These characters are then developed by a number of artists to try and come up with the final approved character, they also still mock up the story by creating story boards all still done by hand.

The kids are kept amused by explaining how many of the characters that they know and love were developed and showing them many of the drawing illustrating the changes in the look of the character to achieve the final end result.

The tour ends by exiting through a very large artist type studio where many Disney artists can be seen working on many of the new and upcoming films.

Although this tour is geared more towards the older children and parents it does include many of the younger kids as they know much more about the characters than us adults and gives a nice relaxed and cool respite to the hectic Hollywood Studios visit<.

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