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My family and I went out for the day to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. We had never been before and wanted to do a ride after eating – but not a rollercoaster on a full stomach! We headed for a ride called Rhino Rally which is located in Nairobi. We didn’t know what to expect

The queue for Rhino Rally is up and down a pathway. Whilst in the queue, you see a safari truck that has won the 10th Annual Rhino Rally. As you get closer to boarding the vehicles you will hear news reporters giving exciting update information on the Rhino Rally radio. Finally it’s your turn to board one of the Safari Vehicles. One person is lucky to be chosen to sit next to the driver and is given the role of navigator. Behind them are four additional rows for guests.

The journey starts with the driver telling the navigator to look out for green and black poles which show you where you are going. As the truck starts driving, guests go past a start sign to show that the race has started and the driver says the race is on!

You pass through the elephant area where you can see some huge grey elephants calmly walking around – but hey! You are in a race! The driver then warns you to look out for African killer ducks as you drive through the next area. Killer ducks! This gets an amusing laugh! Then, rapidly moving on to see the exotic animals which leads to the rhinos. Your vehicle then bumps down dropping and enters an alligator pond with the driver informing you – alarmingly - to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle during this time!

Gratefully your truck soon arrives back on solid ground, but there are no green or black poles in sight. Your driver is very confused and asks the navigator which way to go, either left or right. Now here’s something for you to test if you decide to go on this fun ride – no matter which way the navigator decides the driver always goes left. (The right path is only used when the water portion of the ride is down or in case of an emergency situation. ) After turning left the driver drives the truck into a lush rainforest reaching a bridge with a massive waterfall beside it and shouts out to the guests “Shall we go on it? There is no other way! ” So yes! We go on it! Suddenly, the waterfall becomes too powerful and the bridge breaks with your truck going down with it.

The driver gets ‘upset’ with the navigator for telling them to go this way. Will you survive unharmed if you try this exciting ride – well give it a go and find out!

Busch Gardens is an hours’ drive from Orlando with beautiful gardens, shows, fun rides for all ages as well as the larger rollercoasters.

(Olivia – Aged 14)

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