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Seaworld has taken on board the most ambitious entertainment project in its 41 year history. The new production is called ‘Believe’ and it showcases SeaWorld’s spectacular killer whales with awe inspiring choreography. The three story set and panoramic LED screens will prove to be intense and breathtaking.

The show portrays a killer whale ballet of grace and agility as every movement of the powerful whales is matched to the corresponding beats of original musical score. The centrepiece of the new set design is a three storey whale tail they call ‘fluke’. This is flanked by four 20 foot wide video screens which can operate independently or collectively to create a single 80 foot long panoramic screen. The screens allow guests at the Shamu Stadium to view the whales from above and below by means of the water cameras. In addition, there is also a camera suspended directly over the main show pool.

The most sophisticated audio system design creates a soundscape that will rival any concert experience with nearly 100 speakers throughout the stadium. The marine mammal trainers have been working with the killer whales for nearly two years to present such excellent entertainment. Guests will be inspired to ‘Believe’ in themselves. SeaWorld believes that if they can build this degree of trust and relationship with the 6000 pound killer whales, there’s nothing they can’t do.

SeaWorld trainers have developed a repertoire of the nearly 160 killer whale behaviours, of which one hundred of these will be part of the new show. The trainers at SeaWorld believe on building and reinforcing positive behaviours. The relationship between the animals and trainers must be built on total trust.

A new breed of dolphin show, displaying acrobatic dolphins and whales is presented in a new show called ‘Blue Horizons’. It is a spectacular theatrical breakthrough which combined visions of Broadway with the majestic animals, spirited performers and exotic birds. SeaWorld collaborated with Broadway’s most inventive experts and joined the theatrical extravagance and the dramatic costuming with animal behaviours.

If you love dolphins, you won’t want to miss visiting backstage of SeaWorld’s Orlando Dolphin Nursery. Here you can discover and learn about the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins calf rearing and breeding programs. You can interact with the mothers and calves and have an opportunity to talk with animal care specialists who care for them on a daily basis.

SeaWorld’s ‘Saving a Species’ allows you to visit the rescue and rehabilitation facilities where you’ll find a state of the art medical care facility for endangered manatees and sea turtles. A portion of the admission fee will be donated to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which is non profit and dedicated to research, conservation and education projects for sea animals.

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