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Ride Guide – Turtle Talk with Crush

Definitely more of a show or attraction than a ride, however, still worth a guide of its own. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” pavilion at Epcot and really worth the time out to do, especially with younger guests.

Before you go through to the theatre, the pre-show holding area has some tanks with fish in them and also some interactive monitors with quizzes to keep guests busy before the actual show. There really isn’t much else to see or do before the show, but we invariably do this show straight after the The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride which you do as part of your entry into the pavilion. The Crush theatre is very close to the exit point of the ride. Usually there is only a short wait for the show to start, so hanging around at this point is fine, it’s nice and cool!

When you enter into the main theatre you are guided into a slightly darkened room, with a large “Window to the Pacific” on one wall and rows of bench seats for everyone to sit on. Smaller children are directed to sit on the floor at the front of the room, right in front of the window.

After the usual pre-show advice from the cast member, the room darkens a little and perhaps with a little prompting from the cast member, Crush swims up to the window. In reality, it is a live computer animated puppet, however, describing it like that doesn’t give any idea of the amazing nature of this technology!

The actor who plays Crush is quick witted and great and improvisation. There are various different items that Crush can bring to the show, but with the assistance of the cast member, Crush also interacts with the guests in the room, mainly with the children at the front of the room. Children are asked if they have any questions and then Crush will guide the cast member to different children by describing the child’s clothing, or rather his or her “shell” that they are wearing.

Given the range of questions which are possible to be posed by a room full of children (and adults) it is amazing to see how well Crush responds to all of the questions. This is really where the skill of the actor playing Crush comes in to their own and while inevitably they must get to know a lot of the questions that frequently come up, there must be the odd one that could catch them out from time to time.

Mixed in with all of the interactive conversation, there are also some set pieces which could involve various items that Crush has found floating around in the ocean or even other characters. This show is definitely not to be missed and is great fun. Totally, dude!

Ride Facts:

Minimum Height – N/A

Single Rider – No

FastPass – No

Location – Epcot, behind the West side Pavilion and next to The Land.

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