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When the ride begins keep your eyes to the front and you cannot fail to be impressed as your hang glider takes to the air. You will soar over the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco before heading through the Giant Redwoods and off to the Napa wine valley narrowly missing the brightly coloured hot air balloons up there in the sky with you. Over the orange groves of Ventura, don’t forget to wave to the labourers picking the fruit. You will feel the crisp cold weather of the Lake Tahoe region spying down on it’s skiers before swooping down on the rafters on the Truckee river then up again over the lake itself. In Yosemite National Park you will marvel at the beauty of Yosemite falls and the majesty of Half Dome admiring the climbers who are striving to reach it’s peak!

When the desert scenes are reached many people believe they are flying over the canyons of Death Valley, but it is in fact Anza Borrego Desert State Park, the largest state park in California situated a two hour drive north east of San Diego………look out for the US Airforce Thunderbirds flying through the canyons at great speed!

When passing over the PGA at La Quinta you will, to a man, duck your heads to avoid the golf ball as it comes flying straight up at you……. fore! !

Over San Diego you will look down on the aircraft carriers of the US Navy stationed on the Naval Base at Shelter island before heading up the California coast. As you pass over Monterey and Big Sur the light will begin to fade as dusk falls and you will swoop down dramatically almost dipping your toes in the surf along side the boarders.

As night falls you will pass over the brightly lit freeways of Los Angeles before finally coming to an end in Disneyland amongst the fireworks!

The musical score for this attraction plays throughout the ride and enhances the sensation of flying and of being part of the areas it visits. The music also plays as part of the medley heard at Epcot’s entrance plaza.

This ride is not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights, it rises forty five feet from the ground, but, in it’s favour, whilst I am not a lover of simulators, this one causes me no motion sickness whatsoever, there are no jerky movements or dizzying special effects. I am told that the effect of flying is achieved by slight vertical movements of the seats synchronized to the films activity and that there are no sideways movements of the seats at all, any feeling of moving sideways is achieved by subtle vertical movements of the chairs and turning of the film to an angle.

I cannot recommend this ride enough, in my opinion it’s one not to be missed!

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