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Antarctica – The World of the Penguins

Antarctica is Seaworld’s newest attraction. You will enter an area surrounded by high cliffs of “ice” and then enter the penguin enclosure itself. The ride to see the penguins is a on either a high spin adventure ride or the slower casual ride to see the penguins in their natural habitat. The ride follows the journey of Puck, a newly hatched penguin, as he discovers his new home. ride. At the end of the ride you can wander through and look at the penguins at your leisure and take some wonderful photographs above or below the water.

But be warned, it is freezing cold in this attraction and you will need to wrap up warm. The staff in the enclosure all wear full arctic gear, with padded coats and hoods and balaclava’s, gloves and boots. I have to say, they looked absolutely frozen, quite a change from the 80 – 90 degree sunshine just outside the doors.


The Shamu show is by far Seaworld’s greatest hit show. All the killer whales that swim and leap (and Splash) are joined by Shamu who is so large it makes the other whales look like dolphins. They dive and leap and interact with the trainers to give a stunning display of their power and size. As Shamu takes his bow at the end you can see him in all his magnificence, posed on the platform – a truly great photo opportunity. The music and the build up to the start of this show is quite superb. Warning. Where the sign on the seats says Splash Zone, they really mean “Soak Zone” as you WILL get very wet indeed, so choose you seat wisely.

Blue Horizons

My favourite and I think most spectacular show is the Dolphins show called Blue Horizons. This is a spectacular show featuring dolphins, tropical birds and diver/trapeze artists. The dolphins dash through the water at great speeds with trainers riding on their backs and even leaping out of the water with trainers on their noses, throwing them high into the air where they then dive into the water.

High above the pool, divers almost soar into the water without a splash as trapeze artists swing high above and finally dive into the water. All the while birds fly through the stadium among the artists. The divers are all dressed like the birds they represent and even the vulture is depicted by two trapeze artists/divers while a real vulture flies from behind the audience across the water. Incredible.

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