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Spiderman the ride is located In the Islands of Adventure theme park, next door to Universal. The park is made up of different themed areas, each one called a different name. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride is located in Super Hero Island.

The ride itself is a 4-D simulator ride that moves along a designated track that makes you feel that you are right in the heart of the action. Each car can carry 12 people, sitting in rows of 4 people. The simulator makes you feel like you are flying, tumbling, rolling and climbing along with Spiderman as he saves the day from all of his enemies (Green Goblin, Dr Octopus etc). Does he save the day, Well that would be telling!

The queue for this ride is one of the longest in the whole of Islands Of Adventure. Depending on the time of year you can queue for up to 1 hour to get on the ride. This is not such a bad thing as there are plenty of things to see. If you want to miss the Queue why not use the fast pass system to go on this ride, Using it can mean you get on the ride after 10 mins. As you move through the waiting area you are immersed into the daily life of Spiderman as he works in the Daily Bulge newspaper. By the end of the queue you are then asked to enter the car where you are strapped in for your ride with Spiderman as he saves the city from the evil villains.

The main story to the ride is about you going out on a mission to take photos of Spiderman at work, but eventually you are embroiled in the action in helping Spiderman save the city. When things go wrong you are zapped with the villain anti gravity ray gun, which sends you flying round the city from building to building.

The feeling and way they have made it feel like you are part of the action really makes this one of the best rides in Orlando. You could go on it 10 times and experience and view different things. As the screen is so large it is sometimes hard to see all of it. One of my favourite scenes is when you get torched by Dr Octopus and you actually feel the heat from his ray gun.

Overall I would rate this ride as one of my top 3 in Orlando. If visiting it is always best to ride in the morning or in the evening. This way you can avoid some of the large queues that occur during the day. No matter how long you wait to get on you will not be disappointed in the ride. Great stuff……Just don’t forget to wear the special 4-D glasses.

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