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Here is Part seven of my Islands of Adventure Articles and I am going to start with the Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey as this is without doubt the most popular ride in the whole of the Universal theme parks due to the popularity of the Harry Potter books and Films people just can' t seem to get enough of Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey you will travel through the corridors and classrooms of the famous Hogwarts and then you will be flying about the castle grounds with Harry Potter and his friends on a really great new ride I don' t want to give too much away about this ride but it is really superb but be warned there can be a big wait, so either pick a suitable time to visit or allow yourself plenty of time to queue, but having said that my wife went on it twice and hardly had to wait at all!

By this time you will be getting rather hungry with all the wizardry that has been going on and there are a couple of places to eat in Harry Potter World then there is the Three Broomstick Counter service restaurant where you can get food such as Fish and Chips, Cornish Pasties, and Shepherd’s Pie good old British classics

Next door the Three Broomsticks is the Hogs Head Pub and has the look and feel of an oldie worldie pub , take a look at the Hogs Head on the wall and it will come to lif , available in the Hogs head is the world famous and definitely the most popular Butterbeer along with a few choices of alcoholic drinks to keep Dad happy

Next on the list of must visit is Olivanders Wand shop this is actually a show where one very lucky muggle gets to choose and test a wand until the correct wand chooses them, if you want your very own wand then it' s off to t he Owl Post or Dervish & Banges to choose your very own

If you are looking to buy a souvenir then I would suggest Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods there' s load of great things here to choose from, if you' re looking for the famous Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans or any other sweets or candy then you have to visit Honeydukes they have lots of the famous wizarding sweets and candy that you will all know and recognise from the Harry Potter series. I spent ages in here looking at all the delicious goodies they have for sale. I just had to buy a chocolate frog!

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