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The Haunted Mansion is one of the best-loved attractions at the Magic Kingdom. The attraction closed for several months for refurbishment and Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion re-opened with a new look in 2007

The Haunted Mansion is obviously a creepy haunted house, themed after the English Tudor style found in lower Hudson River Valley in New York. Disney’s Haunted Mansion is situated on top a hill overlooking Liberty Square. In the typical Disney fashion, attention is paid to the finest details and you' ll notice something different every time you go on this ride. It is a very impressive building. Look out for the old-fashioned hearse drawn by an invisible horse at the entrance to the house.

The ride is a family ride but can be a bit scary for the little ones as it is quite dark in places and has spooky noises, ghosts, skeletons and bats and even spiders!

As you make your way up the winding path, and through the wrought-iron gates you go past a small graveyard with an assortment of tombstones engraved with funny inscriptions. This can be a laugh while you are waiting to be “spooked”

When the darkly dressed Butlers and maids with staring eyes invite you inside, you enter the foyer of the mansion and you are ushered into the library, and the ceiling seems to go up, or does the floor go down?

You' re then directed into an octagonal room with paintings all around the walls.

From this room you' ll be shown to your ' Doom Buggy' ride vehicle to tour the mansion. Speakers inside each doom buggy allow your Ghost Host to explain the spooky scenes that around you. Your vehicle then glides silently through the library and down the corridors…. …look out for he spiders! ! Next you pass through the ballroom where the ghosts are dancing and having a good time. I don’t know how they do it but they just look so real, then onwards through the attic and into graveyards, here skeletons pop out of the graves and make all sorts of spooky noises and blood curdling screams.

As you reach the end of the ride, which takes about 8 minutes, your doom buggy turns sideways, and you pass in front of a mirror. With a little Disney magic a ' hitchhiking' ghost appears to be inside your doom buggy, and even looks like its sitting on your knee!

There is a crypt at the exit to The Haunted Mansion so take the time to stop a while to read some or the humorous inscriptions such as; Dustin T. Dust, Asher T. Ashes, Pearl E. Gates, Emma Spook, Paul Tergyst, Hal Lucinashun and Rustin Peese to name but few………see how many more you can see.

This is another favourite of mine, and something new is spotted on every visit.

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