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When visiting Orlando there are many different parks to visit. One of my favourite is Islands Of Adventure, next to Universal studios. There are many rides at this park and the best bit is they are aimed at rollercoaster junkies. The theme of the park itself is designed really well and you really feel a million miles away from civilization.

One of the best rides at Islands Of Adventure is the Hulk rollercoaster. Located in Super Hero Island this coaster is very large and impressive. On entry into the park it is one of the first things that you are greeted with. Infact you can normally hear the screams of the people riding it well before you get to the park. When you get close up you can actually nearly touch the ride as it turns and goes under the pathway.

We ended up riding the Hulk in Aug (early in the morning) the queues were not too long and took around 30 minutes before we were sat on the ride. As you make your way through the line you are shown a comic version of the Hulk. The atmosphere is also really good and everything is either green or purple! As you get near to the ride you can see all the people getting onboard, to see some of their faces is a sight for sore eyes.

I have been on this ride before but my wife is not too keen on rollercoaster’s, this was one of the only rides like this she had ever been on. To say she was nervous was an understatement! Just getting on the ride was an achievement. Having said that the look on her face when it was all finished was worth the entrance fee alone.

Once onboard the ride you are strapped in and given a final check over by the assistants. Once they give the go ahead the ride starts climbing the steep hill, once half way up the ride goes from 20 – 80mph in less than 3 seconds pushing you back into your seat. Once the ride leaves the station you are immediately into the first large roll.

The main ride itself is one of the smoothest rides I have ever been on and you do not feel sick or dizzy, just a little disorientated. In total you go through around 10 full 360 degree loops and countless banked turns. By the time you get off the ride you feel like you have done a good workout in the gym!

All in all I would rate the Hulk rollercoaster as one of my top 3 in the whole of Florida. Have a go next time you are there, you will not be disappointed.

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