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If you thought The Magic Kingdom was only for the little ones, then think again; apart from the now world famous Pirates of the Caribbean, made so by the success of the three movies starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, there are several thrill rides to keep the adult adventure seekers happy all day.

First there is Space Mountain in Tomorrow Land. This is a roller coaster in the very traditional sense. You will be launched past the flashing lights of the Space Station then you will experience all the thrills of climbing up and the anticipation of the drop on the other side plus the high speed swirls round and round in the near darkness. This is a thrill ride that even children, who are not too small for the height chart, can enjoy and even scaredy cats like me too. This does not turn upside down as some of the newer rides do, but it is exciting all the same.

In Frontier Land there are two more. The first is Splash Mountain. This very, very popular ride may start off leading you to think this is just for children, but beware! After climbing up very high you pass through the land of bayous, caves and watery canals in a log boat. On your way you will pass through the land of the film Song of the South. You will hear all your favourite characters from the film singing the likes of “Zipper de do dah”. Once they have lulled you into a false sense of security you will drop down one of the fastest, steepest log flumes in the world. You will splash down to the bottom but your stomach will remain at the top! !

Also in Frontier Land is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Here you will board a runaway train and rush though the Old West. Gold mining town of Tumbleweed. When you hear the wheels go clackety-clack, beware, you are about to ravel over a treacherous terrain. This ride spins, swirls and thunders through the last part at terrific speed, another stomach turner. There are however, some slower parts of the ride where you can see Indian Settlements with the people going about their working day, hunting, shooting and fishing. They make camp fires outside their tepees and cook on spits whilst their animals watch in anticipation.

These four rides plus the ever popular Haunted Mansion, also immortalised on film by Eddie Murphy, should keep you amused all day regardless of what the little ones are doing.

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