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Disney has three water parks, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and River County. All these are included in the Hopper Plus pass or you can pay for individual day's entry. If you are frequent Florida visitor, the annual passes are approximately $100 which gives you unlimited entry to all three water parks for one year.

All water parks have different rides etc to offer, but all offer numerous chairs and sunbeds free of charge, plenty of places for refreshments and shops. A great day where mom and dad can have a rest and the kids are kept amused on all the various water rides and areas available - a time to nurture your tan.

Our favourite park is Typhoon Lagoon but Blizzard Beach tends to be more popular generally. You can take food in but no alcoholic or drinks in bottles. You can park free of charge or get the Disney transport - check the opening and closing times as they vary all in year round and not all three parks open during the quieter seasons. Tend to close 5/6pm in the winter but are open to approx 8pm in the summer.

Try and get there as early as you can, as the beds do fill up quickly and although there are numerous beds and chairs, you can struggle sometimes to get a nice spot in the sun and find that only shaded areas are left - some tables have umbrellas for the little ones to keep shaded under as well. At Easter, the parks opened at 9am and Blizzard Beach was shut by 10!! The queue then for Typhoon Lagoon carpark was enormous so we turned back - if it is that busy, it isn't very pleasant with the crowds and the rides have huge queues. This is the greatest advantage of hiring a villa - your own pool! Whilst we enjoy all the Disney/Universal has to offer, we spend many days by the pool. However in the summer, if you want to spend a morning at a theme park or relaxing at the villa, it is great to arrive at the water parks about 3pm, a lot of people are then leaving go to parades and evening events and it is a lovely time of day with the heat and also not so crowded so rides are easier to get on.

They offer a towel service here and also lockers and the restrooms having changing areas.

Also recommend "beach shoes" here. You will see them everywhere in Orlando, supermarkets, Wal-Mart and obviously at Disney - also in the UK now - Woolworths and Clarks and more recently I saw them for £3.99 in Bewise. You can go in and out of the water in them and the plastic bottoms not only protects your feet from the sometimes very hot ground but also any nasty verroucas etc that may be lurking in the water. Disney ones are $12 and I have to say always seem to split so this is one Disney product I don't recommend. This year they are also doing fantastic Minnie, Tigger and Pooh towelling throwovers with hoods and the kids look amazing ($24 but they look so cute it's worth it - all one size so adults can pinch them when desired!).

Upon entry you will see staff selling huge "sports bottles" for $10 - you can then refill with sodas all day free of charge. The beauty of these is that you can use them at any WATER park thereafter and you simply have to pay $5 each visit and you can refill all day each time. These also last a lifetime so keep them if you go to Florida a lot.

Having young ones, we head straight for Kiddies Creek - as most parents with toddlers do!! Plenty of seating, also a sand area but a great play area for kids under 4ft. There is a water slide, a raft ride, many water spraying areas all on a small scale for the safety of the children. You obviously have to keep watching them but there are lifeguards at most of the rides so you do feel that they are safe.

The highlight of the park and where you will spend hours is the huge lagoon - they have the biggest wave machine in the world and it is great fun. Keep hold of smaller ones hands and don't go too far if you are not a strong swimmer as the water can move very fast.

Check out the ice-cream carts - wonderful tiny balls of ice-cream in a myriad of flavours-UK guests must try as I have never seen it here before. On the subject of ice-cream - try Disney's Sundaes - delicious whichever one you choose - well you are on holiday and you can diet when you get home.

There is a family raft ride which can seat about six - good fun down the ride and you will get wet!! and if it's not a very warm day - the water can feel freezing as opposed to a lovely cool down on a hot day. They often have photographers at the park and they tend to be half way around this ride, so always take a look at the photos at the shop near the entrance as they can be quite funny.

There is also an individual raft ride, but anyone with a back problem I would say don't go on this. The round rubber rafts are bottomless and you can hit the ground on parts of this ride at quite a bump and it can hurt. But this is great fun and you go under showers etc and it can get quite fast.

A "river" goes all around the park and you can jump on a raft at various "stops" and have a leisurely ride around the park, getting on and off where you wish. They have kids rafts with bottoms for younger ones and double rafts for those who "want to be together!"

Real pearls are sold at Typhoon Lagoon and you can get your hair braided, a tattoo and plenty of other activities going on around the park. You will often here them announcing events such as dancing etc at various times, the kids love this.

If you can snorkle, you can take a quick trip across a shark infested bay - don't worry baby sharks only - and for the less adventurous it is amazing to go underneath the bay to the viewing area to see all kinds of fish etc swimming past the windows.

Eating places are dotted around and you can get a meal for about $6/7 - usual hot-dogs, burgers, chicken etc - Chicken ceasar salad is good here. Great hot mini doughnuts here too, buy the two dozen - they will disappear rapidly. Great Tiki bar here too - you will need ID and they tend not to give you drinks for other people unless they can see them. This has a seating area at the bar and is very pleasant.

Water parks are wonderful fun but great relaxing places, take your book and enjoy the Florida sun which you can miss out on in Orlando.

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