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One of my favourite places in Central Florida is Celebration. I like the peaceful atmosphere. The houses look like they came from the early 19th or 20th Century, with their verandas and pillars. One can imagine the families with their rocking chairs sitting outside. I often spend a few hours just driving round to see the lovely estates of large and lovely houses. The parks and lakes are so picturesque and the swimming pool is so inviting.

I visited last in late October and walked all round the main lake which has been carefully kept with wooden bridges and well-kept paths around the perimeter. On that occasion, my brother, his wife and daughter and my eldest granddaughter were with and we made half way round before there was a downpour. The ‘drowning’ didn’t spoil the day though and we all said we would love to see the town of Celebration at Christmas.

So when I was visiting our villa again a few weeks later I took the opportunity to pay a visit, having been told that snow would arrive between December 1st and the 31st. I arrived at about 6pm unfortunately on my own this time. I went into the Boston Tavern where I was made welcome in a quite full restaurant and had a good meal. I was given a leaflet which explained that snow would ‘fall’ at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. And me in my shirt sleeves and shorts! Outside there was quite a crowd all enjoying themselves, some just looking at the shops on Market Street, which did remind me of the shops at home before the supermarkets arrived or in the thirties or forties. Memories of a Septuagenarian!

There was a train decorated with Christmas decorations and three or four landaus pulled by white horses. Walking past the twenty or thirty foot Christmas tree I took time to rest on the lakeside on a rocking chair and looked at the lights all over town. After a rest I couldn’t resist going up to my favourite place; to watch the kids flirting with the water at the fountains near the cinema. There they were with not a few older people having ‘a go’ some of them also getting on for seventy at least. Funny what water will do; I always marvel at the number of people at New Year round or in Trafalgar Square fountains. I’ll tell you what you wouldn’t find me watching them in a short sleeve shirt and short pants – weather in Celebration was beautiful, even at 9pm. It was then that the ‘snow’ came! Perhaps not quite like the deluge we can get at home. It came out of small boxes, a bit the shape of a kennel attached to the shops around Market Street. There was barely enough to cover the ground but nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it - a bit like soap flakes, hard to make snowballs but that didn’t stop them from enjoying it! It didn’t stop me either I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Celebration in mid-December, pity I couldn’t have taken my Grand Kids!

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