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Typhoon Lagoon is one of the water parks in Walt Disney World.  So Disney’s ‘legend’ has it … a furious storm roared across the sea hurling boats and surfboards asunder.  When the storm subsided it left a lagoon of twisting tides, twisting rapids etc etc.

If you are looking for a relaxing day away from the theme parks, or you are missing a holiday at the sea, then Typhoon Lagoon has something for everyone.  Its one of our favourite places in Orlando.

Typhoon Lagoon is a man made lagoon.  At its centre is a wave-pool which generates a large wave, suitable for body surfing, every 90 seconds.  This continues for 90 minutes and then it generates choppy waves for an hour, then back to the surf wave.  The wave pool is a walk in pool, which slopes from less than ankle deep to around 6feet 10 inches at the deep end.  This allows non swimmers to enjoy the wave, however the currents are very strong so caution is recommended.

Around the wave pool are sandy areas where there a lots of sun beds and chairs.  These are ideal for the sunbathers in your family but you need to get there at the start of the day to stand a chance of getting a sun bed near an umbrella.  To cool off there is a lazy river, called Castaway Creek, that runs around the entire site.  Simply sit in the tube and let the gentle current push you around.

There are three tube rides in the park, two single tube rides and one family tube which will seat 5 adults.  These are great fun; you are guaranteed to get soaked.

For the more adventurous there are several flume chutes of varying heights and speeds.

There is an area specifically for younger children, called Ketchakiddee Creek, which has a small slide, water fountains and a mini rapid ride

The water in all of the pools is swimming pool type water and is very clean.  There is a small sea water pool full of fish and two small sharks.  For no charge you can get a mask and snorkel and swim with these fish and sharks.  The life guards give a short guidance on the use of the equipment and how to swim in this area before you set off

There are several shaded areas where you can get a break from the sun, it does get very hot.

There are multiple food outlets serving the standard fare (Burgers, Chicken, Fries, Drinks, Ice Creams etc etc) and there is a bar serving alcoholic drinks.

Available to rent are towels, lockers and good floatation aids for non swimming children.  In the pool areas and on each of the rides there are several life guards, so I have not had any concerns about my children's safety.  The first year we went my 9 year olds (both good swimmers) went off.  They later came back very excited and impressed as they had been swimming with the sharks.

The lagoon itself is well set out.  All of the buildings are built to look like old beach shacks, there are lots of palm trees and other paraphernalia, for example the centre piece of the park is a small trawler ‘beached’ at the top of a mountain.

Typhoon Lagoon has something for all ages, shapes and sizes.  The park is mostly non smoking, with specific areas for smokers.

The downsides are

  • It gets very crowded and at busy times there can be a shortage of sun beds and chairs.  To get the best spots its best to get there early.
  • It does get very hot, but there are several shaded areas to get a break from the sun
  • The queues for the slides can get very long at busy times.  They are less crowded at the start of the day and when the surf wave is running.

Some Tips

  • Most men and boys wear swim shorts and not Speedo style trunks (shorts are better for the Flumes). 
  • You can take a cooler/cool box into the park for a picnic.  It must not contain glass or alcohol.  A reasonable cooler can be bought for around 25 dollars at Wal-Mart.  Burger and fries from a food outlet is approximately 8 dollars.
  • Parking is free
  • Buy a waterproof camera before you go, around 8 dollars in Wal Mart.  You’ll be able to take some memorable pictures.
  • Admission is about 30 dollars for an adult.  An annual season ticket, for both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach is around 100 dollars
  • Near the entrance there are insulated mugs for sale at 10 Dollars.  These allow free refills of Sodas (Coke, Sprite, etc) all day.  On subsequent days take your mug and buy a 6 dollar sticker for free Soda refills all day.  A Typhoon Lagoon mug can be used at Blizzard Beach and vice versa.  The mugs are good quality and make a good souvenir to bring home
  • Pick up a free map at the entrance to see the layout and location of the attractions.
  • Get yourself settled where you plan to stay before queuing for a locker or towel, That way you are more likely to get the ‘spot’ you want

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