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Under the Sea is the Magic Kingdom’s newest ride in Fantasy Land and offers a view of the life led under the sea by Ariel, the little mermaid.

The area which features the Under the Sea ride is typical Disney magic. There are rocks, water-falls running down into rivers of (unnatural) blue seas, palm trees, castle turrets and minarets which lead to a shipwreck with a figurehead of Ariel, the little mermaid.

As you enter the ride, you will be led into the cave itself. The floor is littered with shells and ancient fossils of the past, crabs and other sea creatures scamper around the rocks as you are led further and further under the sea. Ship wrecked artefacts are displayed, as the Disney idea of how to spend the time in a long queue is put to excellent use. All of this build up adds to the excitement leading up to the ride and during the walk through, Scuttle the seagull tells you what you are about to see and how the little mermaid came to fall in love.

Eventually you will arrive at the sea shell cars which take you on the ride under the sea. These sea shells are on a moving platform similar to the ones on the Haunted Mansion ride and you will step into a shell and start your journey under the sea. As you arrive under the sea, everything comes to life. The fish are singing and swimming all around and Ariel talks and waves to you as you pass.

There is so much to see as you venture slowly through, that it is hard to take it all in. All the characters you know from the film are there, Flounder, Sebastian the crab, Flotsam and Jetsam the eels who work for Ursula and Dudley the turtle to name but a few. Even Ursula the sea witch herself makes an appearance as does King Triton of Atlantica, Ariel’s father and of course the handsome sailor Eric.

As the ride progresses we see Ursula’s attempts to rid herself of Ariel by stealing her voice to entice Eric and we see Ariel and Eric in their boat serenading each other as the final outcome of the story leads us to the final scene. In this we see the wedding of Ariel, who is now human, and her father and grandfather, Neptune, waving her goodbye. Fireworks explode and the all the sea creatures come to wave to the happy couple who are leaving to start their new life above the sea.

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