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Drivers, start your engines!

Tommorowland Speedway is four track, car racing ride in the Tomorrowland area, and is a great fun ride for all ages. Using petrol powered two seater mini cars, riders have free control over the steering, speed and acceleration of their vehicles. Depending on who is driving, this can make for an interesting ride!

Each car straddles a metal guide rail, so that the cars cannot go too far to either side and must follow the course from start to finish. This steering rail can also cause some interesting car manoeuvres as you go around the ride, especially if you catch it slightly awkwardly on a bend, then spring across to the other extreme of travel. You can end up feeling that the car yo-yo’s back and forth across the guide rail, all this is heightened if you have a young novice driver at the wheel!

While you wait in the line for the ride, there is the constant noise of revving of engines and a race car commentary sound track in the back ground. Despite the sound of high octane thrills, the ride is actually quite sedate and gentle. The thrill is heightened if you can manage to get on the course on tracks alongside fellow guests, so that you can race around the track side by side, however, due to the way that the ride loads, this is difficult to always orchestrate. Another major factor to remember is that the ride is enjoyed from the youngest to the oldest of guests, so you will often find that a car ahead may be going around the track at a much more sedate speed than you may wish.

What is surprising about this ride is just how long the track feels when you are on it. You cannot see the entire track from the waiting and loading area, so it is not possible to appreciate all of the twists and turns that the track takes. If you are waiting while other guests ride, then after they zoom away at the start, this may make it seem a little frustrating as you do not see them again until they reappear at the end. There is, however, places to view the track from different areas of the park. If you take the path to Mickey’s Toon Town Fair (soon to be replaced with an extended Fantasyland) then it offers some excellent viewing spots to watch the ride. This path is also usually much quieter than the rest of the park and offers additional chances to watch the steam railway, so it is well worth a walk along for some quieter space on a busy day.

The only thing that seems a little strange about the Tommorowland Speedway is all the pre-show signage talks about space races and racers in futuristic versions of speedway races – it just doesn’t seem to sit well with what is a current day petrol powered car ride.

Ride Facts:

Minimum Height – 32 inches (80 cm)

FastPass – No

Single Rider – No

Location – Magic Kingdom, Tommorowland

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