What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 1

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What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 1

Previously I have written a number of articles all relating to how wonderful the Disney parks are ion Florida and I thought it was about time I wrote a more about the Universal studios theme parks and attractions to balance my articles and also because they too are great place to visit on your stay in Florida.

As you approach Islands of Adventure you will walk through the boardwalk area this is the area where all the bars and clubs etc. are located in the day time none of the clubs are open it becomes a very family friendly area with restaurants like Bubba Gump’s Shrimp for all the family to eat.

Later in the evening its becomes a very busy and exciting place to spend the evening if you are looking for some fun night life, there are many bars, clubs and discos to boogie away the night, good for the younger boys and girls amongst us but don’t forget to take your ID as you will need it.

Soon you approach the entrance to Islands of Adventure “The port of entry” and a very impressive entrance it is too! Once inside we always seem to turn left and work our way around the park in a clockwise direction. I think this is just down to the fact our kids were a certain age and were always into Marvel super heroes rather than turning right and going through Zeuss Landings and the “Cat in the Hat” which is mostly for the younger children.

Once you turn left the first thing you come across is the Incredible hulk Roller coaster. Now I am not a fan of Roller coasters at all because I am too scared to ride them but I have to say it’s very impressive I know my sons girlfriends always ride it as they is a lot braver than me.

You approach the ride through the laboratory of Doctor Bruce Banner and his scientific machinery as you approach the gamma radiation warning sirens and beacons go off something has gone horribly wrong with the experiment. Once on the Hulk ride you accelerate from zero to forty mph in just two seconds flat, that’s the same feeling as if you were taking off in a fighter jet from an aircraft carrier, you twist and turn through Zero G’s and shoot high into the sky and plummet down to earth with a roar, the hulk is a really great roller coaster not to be missed if you’re brave enough. It is an amazing ride and is great fun to watch too.

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