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After you have visited “Marvel Super Hero Island” and “Toon Lagoon” you reach “Jurassic Park”, a land filled with dinosaurs and adventure! Here you will find the excellent “Jurassic Park Discovery Centre” which is full of absorbing experiments , games and much more which will keep you and your children fascinated for a good while. (It is also a nice break from the rounds of rides and a place where grown ups can have a sit down and watch their children exploring the Jurassic age in safety. ) There are several different interactive experiments to try – our son’s favourite was a computer which took a photograph of him and by asking different questions such as what he likes to eat, can you run fast etc. . eventually shows a computer generated picture of what dinosaur he would be combined with his features. Most peculiar, but kids love it! You also get to see a baby dinosaur “hatching” from it’s egg. Again, children are encouraged to watch and join in with any questions they may have and they even get to name the baby!

You also find the Park’s third water rise here in Jurassic Park, “The Jurassic Park River Ride”. Again this is a raft ride but you journey through the natural habitat of many different dinosaurs where you can see them grazing, interacting as dinosaur families until you come to a place where the Raptors have escaped and are coming after you. Here the pace of the ride picks up culminating in another 85 foot plunge where you try to escape the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex who wants you for his tea!

There is also a ride called “Pteranodon Flyers” which is an aerial ride through the treetops but if you are an adult you can only ride it if you can find a child to accompany you! There is also a simple playground for younger children here called “Camp Jurassic” which has dinosaur nets to climb and other tubes and climbing frames to clamber over.

The next Island along is “The Lost Continent” which is an Island of dragons, myths and legends. Take a ride on the “Duelling Dragons” if you dare, which are two inverted. Roller coasters which hurtle towards each other and miss by only a matter of inches – choose “fire” or “Ice” and see who wins!

Have a break from the thrills and spills and see the wonderful “Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Show” where Sinbad and his trusty sidekick Kebob (who is hilarious! ) battle the evil witch “Miseria” to save Sinbad’s true love, the beautiful Princess Amora. It is a great show with fighting, acrobatics and lots of audience participation as you cheer on the heroes and boo the villains!

Next visit “Posiedon’s Fury” which is an adventure set underground and is a mighty battle between the Ancient God’s. You think you’ll never escape but at last good triumphs and you are set free.

The last Island is “Seuss Landing” where the madcap ideas of Dr Seuss run wild. Enjoy the “Cat in the Hat” ride where you ride a couch through the pages of the story, meeting the Cat himself along with Thing 1 and Thing 2 – this ride is absolutely surreal and huge fun!

Ride on “The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride” which is a sedate and gentle ride high above Seuss Landing and which gives you chance to rest your aching feet. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the “Caro-Seuss-Eel” which is a carousel with a difference. Instead of your usual horse you ride on all the weird creatures from Dr Seuss imagination, all colourful and totally bizarre.

There are lots of places to eat at Islands of Adventure and lots of shops so make sure you take plenty of spending money.

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did ours.

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