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In the last part of this series we explored the Jurassic Park area but the next area to explore is probably the most exciting of all for the younger boys and girls amongst us, the newest area to the islands of adventure The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Compared to the rest of the park the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been built very recently and many of the fans of the old jaws ride will be disappointed to know that the jaws ride has been taken out of service and demolished to make way for the expansion of the Harry Potter World

For the roller coaster fans amongst you there the Dragon challenge now call me cynical but this looks like the old duelling Dragons roller coaster that has been renamed but still both of these roller coaster rides are great as the twist and loop at high speed as they chase across the sky as the adverts say “You' ll need the courage of a Triwizard Tournament”

Next is the flight of Hippogrift this is one for all the family a roller coaster for all members of the family to enjoy even the ones like myself that are too scared to ride on the big roller coasters but first you have to approach the hippogrift in the correct way before flying around the pumpkin patch and passing Hagrids hut on the way

If you fancy a bit of a rest from the frantic rides on roller coasters there is the Triwizard Spirit Rally this is a very colourful procession of students from the students of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang as the lead the approach to the TriWizard tournament
Then there is the Frog Choir where you will enjoy songs sung by the Hogwarts students along with some very large frogs this is a great place for adult to have rest when the younger children and listening to the songs

Without Doubt the most popular ride in the whole of the Islands of Adventure is currently Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey and be warned the waiting times for this ride can be long and indeed on busy days of the year the entrance to the Harry Potter area can be restricted as its can become so busy the staff have to control the number of people entering the area as with all things both Universal Orlando and Disney this is always done very efficiently.

In the next episode I will tell you of the detail of Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey and the other great things you will see in the world of Harry Potter

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