What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 2

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What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 2

After you adrenaline fuelled ride on the incredible hulk roller coaster you enter “Marvel Super Hero Island”. Now both my two lads were big fans and the Marvel comics and heroes and still are to this day even though they have grown up, and I remember as a young boy I used to get the “Silver Surfer”, “the X Men” and “Conan the Barbarian” comics and always wanted to be able to draw like the illustrators in those wonderful comics.

The first ride you encounter is the Storm force Acelertron where you help Storm in a battle against Magneto, you board Doctor Xavier’s new invention the accelertron which is a power generator the faster and faster it spins the more power you generate for storm as she summons up the earths elements for her to use against magneto.

Next is Doctor Dooms Fearfall where you have no choice but to take part in doctor dooms latest experiment where he tries to extract every ounce of fear from your body to use against the fantastic four who are doctor dooms arch enemies. You are strapped into your seat and suddenly shot up 150 feet into the air at great speed using more power than the jet engine of a Boeing 727 before dropping you the 150 feet back down to earth at a great speed so that you will experience the feeling of weightlessness.

If you are hungry after battling Doctor Doom and Magneto there is the Café 4 on the ground floor you will find the headquarters of the fantastic four inside there is an Italian styled eatery offer pizza, spaghetti, meatballs subs and lots more, as the famous four would say it” clobbering time” for your hunger.

Just a little further is the captain America Diner is where the entire super heros hang out with America styled food such as cheese burgers, chicken burger, chicken sandwiches and crispy chicken fingers and salads etc. bother eateries are counter service.

This area is a great place to hang around for a little time if you want to meet some of your favourite super heroes in person because throughout the day you will hear the loud sirens as the super heroes such as Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and Storm etc. ride around the marvel super hero island on quads often, stopping to greet their fans.

This is a great opportunity to get you picture taken alongside the heroes you normally only see in the films, great for kids and even good for Mums and Dads too.

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