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The location for our Bibbidi Bobbidi experience was within the Magic Kingdom. We had been asked to arrive 15 minutes before our appointment time and to bring our own hair brush (in the event this was not required as we were given a comb). It was requested that our ' princess' had clean fingernails as she was having her nails painted, she was actually being thoroughly spoilt with the castle package but that' s the grandparents prerogative!

When we approached the podium and gave our name, our granddaughter was given a personalised invitation inviting ' Princess Leah' to meet with her very godmother for her makeover. She was also given a leaflet to choose her hairstyle, there were four choices, ' the fairytale princess' , a traditional up-do with a sparkly tiara and Mickey shaped hair slide. The pop princess included colourful hair pieces and dazzling Mickey clips and the ' Disney Diva' was an up-do with a colourful coordinating ponytail hairpiece and lots of sparkly pins. Finally there was ' The Color Star' , fashionable hair twisting and colored hair streaks for a trendy, brightly colored style.
We felt sure that that Leah would go for The Disney Diva but she chose the more classical fairy tale princess.

Next we were shown a couple of rails of princess dresses from which Leah could make her choice, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine and Snow White - they were all there, even Princess Sophia who is a big favorite of Leah. Once again Leah threw us a curved ball when she chose Princess Tiana from The a Princess and the Frog, I suspect because this was a particularly pretty frock, although Princess Jasmines' two piece was quite fetching as well!

We were taken to a cubicle in order for Leah to try on her outfit, the straps were a bit long but the fairy godmother made a quick adjustment with two clear elastic bands and - abracadabra, they were finished with 2 real bows on the shoulders and the dress was a perfect fit!

We were given a bag to carry the clothes which she had previously been wearing.

After this we had a short wait until our fairy godmother was ready for Leah.

There were possibly four little girls waiting on one of the fairy godmother entertain them by showing them some of the princess' s mannerisms and getting them to copy her with her waves, excited faces, funny expressions and the like.

When Princess Leah was called we were taken into the main boutique which had several makeover stations. The chairs which were reminiscent of old fashioned barbers chairs could be raised up for the princesses to sit whilst they were transformed and a central, circular banquette accommodated the accompanying adults. We handed over our Disney Photo Pass and the photographer took shots throughout the make over process.

Leah was introduced to her fairy godmother, sat in her chair and covered with a gown to protect her clothing, her back to the mirror so she could not see what was happening.

The fairy godmother started on her hair and once this was under way she was approached by second very godmother to choose her face jewels, make up and nail polish. There were two trays of make up and lip glosses, two nail polishes and four sets of face jewels. Whilst the first fairy godmother continued with Leahs hair, the second made up her eyes and painted her nails. The make up was very subtle, nothing garish or too adult.

At the end of the makeover a princess sash was placed carefully over her shoulder, Leah was sprinkled with fairy dust and asked to say some magic words before she was gently turned round to face a large mirror. . . . . . . . . she could finally see herself and her face was a picture to say the least!

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