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It’s raining in the Sunshine State and you ask yourself what you’re going to do with the family all day. The answer is, go to Disney Quest in Downtown Disney!

We visited Disney Quest for the first time this year. I had no idea what to expect and just like everything in Disney World, we were once again greeted with the WOW-factor! We began our “quest” on the elevator that took us to the 3rd floor. Well, this was no ordinary elevator ride! During our assent, we were visited by the Genie from Aladdin who proceeded to entertain us during our trip! Again, like always, I found myself wondering “How do they do that? ! ”

We exited the elevator and entered “The Zone”! (Actually there are four “Zones”, the Explore Zone, the Score Zone, the Replay Zone and the Create Zone)! Our first encounter was with Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters. This was pretty cool, though it took me awhile to figure it out. Of course, my 10-year old son, on the other hand, was a pro in seconds! You ride in these bumper car spaceship type vehicles and battle with the other vehicles by scooping up cannon balls and firing them at each other.

Next, we tried Invasion which is a virtual reality ride where you have to try to rescue people who were captured by aliens. I wasn’t much use to those poor people, but fortunately for the captives, I had my 13-year old daughter as co-pilot. She was the hero!

The Comix was interesting to watch – my husband and kids did this one without me. You put on a virtual reality helmet and enter into a cyber battle with your laser sword. They looked pretty goofy swinging their swords through the air at nothing! Well, it looked that way to me, of course, but they were thoroughly engaged in their encounters with comic book villains!

I never thought I could draw! Well, in the Animation Academy, I found out that I had some hidden talent! This was great – an instructor took us through the process of drawing a Disney character!

The Virtual Jungle Cruise was great fun. We climbed aboard a raft and plunged down a raging river back in the age of the dinosaurs! It was quite an adventure as we dodged some scary obstacles along the way.

The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam was where I shined! You stand on a moving platform that you maneuver with your feet and you control a pinball up on the screen trying to get the most points possible to beat out the other players. I totally impressed my kids when I won by a landslide! What – no prize?

It was about now that I discovered the Replay Zone and well, I was hooked! I thoroughly enjoyed playing all my favorite arcade games from my university days. Only this was way better because no tokens needed and I could keep playing to my heart’s content. I enjoyed revisiting many classics including Pacman, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Centipede. I never made it to the remaining virtual reality rides, but maybe next time!

Here’s what’s left for me to try when we go back:

Cyber Space Mountain allows you to design your own roller coaster on a computer. When you’re finished with your creation, you get to take a ride.

Pirates of the Carribean – Battle for Buccaneer Gold must be very good as there was a VERY long line for this one. You put on a head piece and enter the world of pirates in a race for gold.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride is another virtual reality ride where you put on your helmet and enter Agrabah and go for a ride with the characters from the beloved film Aladdin.

Our entire family really enjoyed our day at Disney Quest. There’s definitely something for all ages! Give it a try on your next trip!

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