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Cirque du Soleil is situated in Downtown Disney, you cannot miss the huge white top as you drive down to it. Parking is ample and if you have a blue disabled UK parking badge please bring it as it recognised there and might save you a long walk from the car park as Downtown Disney gets very busy especially at weekends and holidays.

It’s been at Downtown Disney for at least 7 years and in that time so fascinating is this show that I have now been three times.

First of all- how to describe it. There’s no live animals in this circus-it is more of a magical and mesmerising experience. As the action takes place on stage –your eyes dart from side to side, up and down as you don’t want to miss anything.

There’s clowns –yes-but not your usual circus clowns-these rely more on the visual and mime to get the humour across and are used to link between the various aspects of the show.

Then there is the parade of the performers-a spellbinding experience as they twirl and march between the stalls and the circle-wit the music, the make up the sound of the trumpet blaring-you know that you are about to be transported into another world. The costumes are gorgeous-meticulous in their detail, everything is vivid or subtle and subdued in contrast-it’s starkness making a dramatic statement.

Then there’s the music and the singing that accompanies each of the individual acts-it’s wild, wonderful and passionate.

I can’t even begin to describe what it is all about-if there is a meaning to it-then I think everyone will ascribe their own meaning. Everyone who watches this show will take away their own individual experience from it.

Some of the memories of the acts will never leave you. Like the aerial ballet in silk. I could watch these agile people twirl and unfurl, climb and drop for ever without getting bored. Such a marvellous spectacle-just breathtaking. Then they fly through the air so gracefully, flirting with danger yet so confident and capable.

The little Chinese girls with the diabolos. Every gesture was perfect and precise-their timing was brilliant-their co-ordination of hand and eye –unparalleld, putting most adults to shame-their average age looked to be about 7.

Or the man who balanced on chairs and a table and a pram and who kept on going till he was 40feet in the air-and he did it so gracefully and effortlessly.

The finale with the trampolines-I don’t want to spoil it for you-but where do you like-it’s all happening so fast and furious on the stage.

Then there’s the characters, the beautiful twirling ballerina, the strong man who looked so angry with himself and the world, the four muses (I call them) so energetic, comical and then sad-what are their stories?

Everyone who goes to see it will have a different take on things, a different perception a completely different experience-that is why the show is so unique-and that is why I find it so hard to describe to you.

It runs twice nightly for 90 minutes without an interval. Don’t buy an expensive seat-every seat in the house is a good one. When I first saw it in 2000-every seat used to be the same price that tells you something.

Treat yourself to a night to remember.

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