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The E. T. Adventure has always been one of my favourite rides in Universal Studios in Florida. The very first time we visited it with our young children was back in the early 90’s. The ride is located in Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. It may not be the thrill ride that you are looking for but for families with young children it ticks all the right boxes.

Before entering the ride, guests attend a pre-show where Steven Spielberg explains that E. T. ’s teacher has requested that he come home because his planet is dying. It is only E. T. ’s healing touch that can save this world named “The Green Planet”. It is you, the guests, that need to bring him home and the journey will be made on bicycles.

To do so you will need a special pass. As you enter you must give the assistant your first name and you will then be given a card. You must hand this card in before you ride your bicycle. Your surroundings are a dark forest and as you travel through it, it becomes evident that the police and the FBI are looking for E. T. The next stage of the ride is when you climb aboard your bike, which is mounted on a movable platform, with E. T. hidden in the basket at the front. You will find yourself flying through the air. The police give chase and try to arrest you but you escape over the city and then into outer space! When you arrive at the Green Planet you will meet Botanicus, E. T. ’s teacher, you asks for your help in saving E. T. ’s friends. Of course, everything works out fine in the end and E. T. ’s healing touch revives his friends. All’s well that ends well, as they say.

There are no height restrictions for this the E. T. Adventure and handicapped visitors are able to ride in a spaceship instead of on a bicycle if they so wish. A tip is to sit, if possible, on the front row and on the left hand side. This seat gives you the best view of the city beneath and of E. T. ’s home planet. One thing to look out for as you travel above the city is the moon. Look carefully and you will see E. T. , Elliott and his friends soaring across it.

At the end of the ride you will see an animatronic E. T. Listen carefully as he bids you farewell, he may just say your name!

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